Sunday, January 06, 2008

From my youtube inbox, Sunday 6th Jan '08

"i was wondering about when you said that you were albino in your 5 facts video, why in your geisha 2 video you wiped all your makeup off yuour eyebrow wasnt white.. OR looked albino at all. ????????? :S"

*shakes head*

"were are these facts about england coming from you are a stupid bitch!"

Misspellings always make a comment about 50% more amusing.


streakfreak said...

"Misspellings always make a comment about 50% more amusing."

Not to mention the problems with punctuation and grammar. And he was too stupid to read the disclaimer or recognize that approximately 2.5 metric tons of Sarcasmite were poured into the England Facts video.

He should stop wasting his time watching your videos and apply himself completetly to the field of Rocket Science. Or Politics.

Footstep Frank said...

This comment makes me feel a lot less stupid now. At least I understood the albino thing as sarcasm right off the bat. But just for the irony of MY whole comment, I had to rewatch the sarcasm video at first before I understood it as sarcastic......yah.

WildbillthePirate said...


I believe that ignorance Can be fixed, but you just can't fix Stupid! Apparently the first comment is from a person so lazy, they couldn't be bothered to scroll down & read your Disclaimer(s). The second is clearly a fan who wants your attention & will say anything to get it and the last is kinda true. I myself have let several spelling gaffs slip by but that is because there is no spell check for posts! Shame.

There is no world shortage of assholes and my latest idea is to harness them as a source of inexaustable power. (a la the Matrix)

Austin said...

Wait, so the albino thing was a joke??

GrimBrin said...

People really are stupid if they didn't pick that your sarcasm video or 5 facts video' were bollocks. That said the religions of the world are very thankful for Stupid People.

Dave said...

It's apparent that there is a large 10-18 demographic watching your productions. It's the only explanation for those types of emails.

You need to stay true to that fan base. Although there will be a fair share of others who buy the blow-up doll, the 10-18 demographic is more likely to buy the Paperlilies action figure.

Amy said...

It's things like this that make me lose faith in... well, the world. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Oh lord, LOL

Sonance said...

Unfortunately, there are some folk who wouldn't recognise a joke if it were painted pink and had a giant neon sign proclaiming "I am a joke!" floating above it.

Once upon a time (like, 10 years ago), I made the mistake of attaching my email address to a spoof advertisement for a product that would magically create Star Trek scripts for you based on a series of plug-ins and extensions to Word. Two years ago, I was still receiving emails asking if I still sold the product.

beef said...

Those people that made those comments were clearly just being ironic. They're wonderfully clever, really.

Come on people, let's give youtube some credit here.

Thomayus said...


Amjan said...

I fucking hate people who make spelling mistayks. I never make them, and I don't even use spellcheck.

ZombieJesus said...

Glad to hear your not a furry hahaha
( I had never actually heard that term b4)
maybe they don't have sarcasm in some places like some people don't have maps in the US