Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Comment response.

"be careful with these posts... as soon as personal views on political subjects come up, you risk alienating a massive amount of people.

it's not that i think you got everything wrong, but some of your post is completely misleading.

it's up to you [of course] but if i were you, i'd steer clear of airing my opinions on these subjects, only because of the size of your audience and how you are perceived.

you risk tarnishing your reputation! "

Ok, I totally understand the reasoning behind this comment, and you are right, I DO risk 'tarnishing my reputation' by voicing my opinions on tricksy subjects.

But I was brought up to not be a demure little lady who sits quietly and lets others do the talking for her. I was brought up to have an opinion, and to voice that opinion. I was not brought up to be seen and not heard.

I resent the idea that I should not talk about what I want to talk about, regardless of how well received it might be, on my own space on the web.

People are welcome to visit this website, they are welcome to watch my videos. But I don't post stuff because I want to be the most popular girl in the world. I post stuff because I have an opinion, and I have the opportunity to express that. Sure, my opinions very well might alienate people, but they are my opinions, and for me to put up and shut up and not express myself how I see fit would be a waste of time to me.

"tarnishing my reputation" by expressing my opinions?? If someone has an idea of me, and my reputation, that is then changed by an opinion I express, then they clearly have the wrong idea of my 'reputation' in the first place.

I will not avoid talking about what I want to talk about, on my own webspace, solely because it might ruin people's ideal of me. I am an opinionated person. A lot of times my opinions rub people up the wrong way. I know I don't have all the answers, but then again, I don't pretend to. I do not need to be infallible. I am not a politician.

I resent that people seem to think I am some sweet little thing that has no opinion. If you think that of me, then you are wrong, and I think little of you.

I am not going to censor myself here. I censor myself on youtube because the backlash there can be so vicious and extreme. But here I will say whatever I bloody well want to. If you don't like it, you can fuck off.


the podge said...

thats why I love you, not in a creepy stalker way but, in a way that I can appreciate seeing someone who has an opinion of their own and is not afraid to be yourself type of way. If there were more people like you conversations would be worth having.

Shane of the Road. said...

And this, my dear, is why I hold you in such high regards. As real as it gets. Well done.

JJC1138 said...

xkcd said it well.

bikenik said...

I endorse everything you wrote here except I found the ending to be rather harsh and unnecessary as you make your point so well without the need for the expletive. :O

Alison said...

Haha, well said!

Dave said...

"If you just set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing."

Margaret Thatcher
It was nice to see a young woman, in particular, be informed by her observations and life experiences, rather than to write what's easy, trite, popular, and uselessly apologetic. Equally as important, your views on these matters are largely supported by statistics with little margin of error.

Although the whole of your post was powerful and Baroness Thatcher-like, your larger and more controversial comment about Britain perhaps needing to "start from scratch" was most interesting to me because the causes of poverty, as you suggest, are often as disparate from nation to nation as they are from person to person, with the only common bond being bad choices whatever and wherever their origin.

Toward your comment, it is apparent to many outside observers that post-World War II survivor-guilt over the Holocaust has left a good part of Europe, including many British, with an almost manic obsession over so-called "nationalism". From all outward appearances, anything approaching fervor, or gentle esteem for that matter, whether it be toward country, culture, religion, enterprise, self-determination, or even self-preservation, seems to be viewed with a jaundiced eye by the vast majority of Europeans. It then seems to be quickly, lazily and dismissively labeled "Nazism". It's really a surprise, then, that the English haven't given up drinking tea for fear of being so labeled.

"Nationalism" has to be one of the most hackneyed words in the European dialect, and it's not lost on Americans that it's increasingly, and ironicly, becoming code for anti-Americanism and the hatred of anything resembling "patriotism"--a distinction with an exponential difference from either nationalism or extreme nationalism.

In the Eurpoean news especially, there seems to be a pathological resistance not only to extreme nationalism of which there is but one example, but to patriotism of any sort. I've seen more perverse and otherwise less than subtle comparisons of flag-waving Americans after 9/11 to the Nuremberg rallies. This clearly shows a complete lack of education regarding the enormous diversity-- racial, ethnic and otherwise, that makes the rise of a Hitleresque leader in America positively impossible. Hell, our last two Presidential elections were so close that it took ages just to sort it all out. I've also seen more European references to the isolated treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, by a single, quasi- military unit, than to the 3,000 Americans, Londoners, or Spanish, slaughtered by the prisoners' teammates. And, of course, of first instance, there have been legions of editorials regarding the so-called imperialism of America, Britain and Austrailia toward Iraq, yet barely a mention of the 13 U.N. Resolutions that were violated by Sadaam Hussein, his imperialism, his torture and execution of thousands of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, his genocidal use of chemical weapons on his own people, or his mass grave burials. Not to mention, of course, that there have been more dopey, collegiate comparisons of Messrs. Bush, Blair and Howard to Hitler than I've ever seen of Hussein or Bin Laden to Hitler. Any and all of those comparisons make a mockery of the Holocaust.

As a consequence of this neurotic railing against patriotism, acceptance of everything, and anything, appears to be the rule in Britain and the whole of Europe. After all, an unqualified tolerance of everything would be the anti-Nazi thing to do, right?

Suppressing one's own good identity for the sake of others always results in "headless monsters" with self-esteem issues, little purpose, no direction, and limited funds.

I've had many British friends who were puzzled as to why so many Americans adored Lady Thatcher, and why so many Americans today respect Mr. Blair? Answer: They both had heads.

Being respected is more important than being popular.

P.S. The first thing I do before getting twisted up about any study is that I investigate the politics of those who conducted the study, and the criteria used.

Anonymous said...

yeah it was me who posted the comment. i was just trying to give you some friendly advice because there are some fucking dumb people out there who probably see you as totally infallible and not human..

i think the aggressive nature of the 'fuck off' part of the last post is indicative of why i suggested you should be careful. like thinking before you type in some cases... making sure you are exactly sure before you make an error in judgement.

also you mentioning the consequence of me possibly thinking you are some sweet little etc was not needed really. you could have left it as 'you are wrong'.

for the record, i don't think of you that way at all! the reputation i was talking about was one of an intelligent, articulate, confident person who makes videos which get thousands of views. i reckon that's a pretty cool reputation to have and i don't want you to lose it!

it was just a comment, no offence intended. just be careful, that's all... it's friendly, not nasty!

bikenik said...

If I may comment on Dave's comment, I think we must hold America's behavior to a higher standard of conduct than that of a middle east dictator.

Further, there never was and never will be a link between S. Hussein & Al-Qaeda.

The U.S. wanted my country - Canada - in Iraq but my government thankfully said 'no'.

Henry Clay said...

Paperlilies and anonymous,

Perhaps a compromise is possible. Maybe any post you make that is outside the innocent little girl box could be made via vlog while shot in the kitchen. Problem solved.


Amjan said...

"Sure, my opinions very well might alienate people"

Well, they might only alienate people who are of fundamentaly opposite opinions and at the same time can't deal with others (in this case you) having them [opposite opinions] - or, viewing things from a higher perspective, an incompatible belief system.
There's nothing wrong in alienating them, is there? Hehe.

Being exposed to such a large and varied audience, it is quite appropriate (and neccessary) to do things that appeal more to people who have some intelectual common denominator with you, 'cause at the end of the day, the ones who will stand by you (damn, I'm so nostaligic and elevated today) will be those who "like you" for something more than your superficial qualities.

And the points is that... uhm...
I forgot now. :/

Go Bryony! Kick some major arse!
The people wish for blood!

Dr. Winston O"Boogie/Bayard Rustin said...

Another lyrical response: the song "Woman Is The Nigger Of The World". To that guy quoting Margaret Thatcher: Tá Gráin Agam Ar Thatcher Fós!

Kimberl(eigh)y said...

That's what I've been saying! I hate how on YouTube especially people are help up to this high standard of not saying anything that could be even slightly controversial... get a fucking life people, we're not politicians, we're girls that made videos in our bedrooms. It's not the end of the world if you don't agree with me!

rkadel42 said...

Say what you want, when you want, Paperlilies.

I'll admit, I found your original post on this topic a bit off-putting, but only because I have a kind of romantic perspective of living in the U.K. (Growing up in the U.S., but having visited the U.K. many, many times can do that to a person -- I have fond memories of only the good things about the U.K. and have pleasantly suppressed bad memories. :-D )

Nonetheless, what the hell else is blogging for except to express your opinions!? I'm assuming you're not online to become a role model for young bloggers everywhere, so say what you want to say and don't hold back. If somebody else doesn't like it, or thinks it's tarnishing your reputation, they can change the channel.

streakfreak said...

What podge and shane said.

Anonymous said...

Where's the fun in life if you can't have a good rant on your own blog and say what ever you want without people telling you to shut up because it's not what THEY think you should say.
I'm English and i enjoyed your post without being alienated or offended.In fact the description of Britain at the end made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

That's stupid!
The whole point of blogs, in my opinion, is that you can talk about whatever you want, and you aren't inflicting it on other people, they CHOOSE to watch and/or listen and/or read.

shadx said...

Oh no! Conceptions shattered! /sar

That gave me this vision of something like a 30 sec video of you sitting in front of the tv like a slob... just a one shot looking out of it; mouth open, maybe drooling a little,
slamming cheap beer (so some of it goes down your face but you wouldn't care)
stuffing your face with potato chips, eating chicken wings and wiping your fingers on your shirt, pizza sauce on your face and cheese dripping off onto your lap, not caring; eyes half-shut looking stoned, belching, picking your nose;maybe cussing back at the tv...
I like it when someone does something that makes you go "huh?" when they start to get pigeonholed, I'm not sure if that's the case for you.
It's one thing for someone to disagree on your opinions, but if they feel alienated for the fact that you're voicing one in the first place, uh yeah, they should probly go back to church.
Motherfuckers are so nice...

ZipDudeAh said...

"If you don't like it, you can fuck off."

LOL! That's what I love about you Bryony. You're not afraid to say what's on your mind.

Some of your views differ from mine, but so what?! Reasonable people can have opposing views and still like one another. Only unreasonable people lack the tolerance necessary to respect other people and their views.

Cornelius Prime said...

I like reading your blog because you are opinionated sometimes when reading I think "what the" but if it wasn't like that I wouldn't bother reading. Your just keepin it Real.

Thomayus said...

Fuck off really wraps that rant up quite nicely.

NusaCat said...

The problem is self-solving. Alienate the people who don't want to hear what you say, and they won't be watching what you say anymore!

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck is this Dave cunt and why did he see fit to grace us with that neo-con apologist poppycock?

Go back to Little Green Footballs, you deluded shithead.

Thomayus said...

XD One agrees, Dave does enjoy a good ramble (me thinks).

Jessica L said...

"Who is ... Dave...?" There's some irony in that question, anonymous, but you definitely don't help your cause when 10% of your post is juvenile profanity.

Besides, the blog entry is about whether Paperlilies should worry about coddling left-leaning fans, like yourself, or any fans, and not about dave. I join the group that say "no".

theposhlifeonPLstreet said...

Don't worry about your reputation in regards to your political opinions PL. One day you write about the social conditions in Great Britan, the next day you write about buying a doll with green hair. No one thinks your a social scientist!...At least I hope so!

tlg847 said...

Blogs were made for personal opinions. One of the things that makes people so upset about corporatized media is the blandness of it all.

Of course, poking people in the eye for trying to look out for your best interest might not be the all time greatest strategy, but, hey, it's a blog, right?

Anonymous said...

ive seen nothing political posted here.
except a long rant about the uk.

that isnt really political.

Anonymous said...

i hate the word opinion, but i'm all thinking like...
blog is THAT person's opinion.
comment is THAT person's opinion.
they're the same thing to me. i dunno. dont cry about it you sound like a poo fucker.

Anonymous said...

but hell yeah, say whatever you want. i assumed that was old battles for you.
or maybe you just saw this as an opportunity to talk about something, which is a different story. coz 'we' otherwise get the impression that your upset by it.

fuckin stop writing & just make vidoes so we dont misunderstand.