Thursday, January 24, 2008

CD Exchange

My brother keeps bitching at me to promote this CD exchange thing. So here you go:

NOONE EMAIL ME ABOUT THIS. I will fucking trash that shit faster than Jack Flash.

If you want in on the CD exchange, you have to email your mailing address to either Alan (my brother) at superjitan AT or Lara (the excellent misseltrain) at eography AT

The idea is that you will get 2 mailing addresses, both of which you will send a mix CD (of whatever the hell songs you want) to, and you will also receive 2 in the post. Noone will stalk you.

Like I said, those are the emails you need, don't tell me anything about it! I DON'T WANT TO BE INVOLVED! (Secret santa, you have so so much to answer for)

Oh yeah this is Alan's zombie-like video 'promoting' this.

I do think it is a good idea, much like the Summer burn project which I have gotten into the last 2 years. But with more potential for stalking!


Austin said...


Check your email. I have some questions about this thing. It sounds really interesting.

paperlilies said...


Austin said...


Jitan said...

wow, thank you so much, you really know how to promote the crap out of something

Squigg said...

I sense a tad bit of bitterness.

Regardless. I'm in...and I encourage people to stalk me. I need to try out my new snub nosed revolver.

Have a nice day!

Random Comment Generator said...

Don't take it personally Jitan... Bryony is still just bitter about the fact that Molly passed her in subs.

Amjan said...

ZOMG you brother is just like you!
The same manner of speech, the same facial expressions, gesticulation. Damn!

It's co confusing... o_O

Alissa said...

You're such a nice sister. Your brother owes ya one for helping him get out the word! Haha.