Friday, January 04, 2008

Blog tour

You may have noticed I have made a few changes to the side bar of this blog. I thought I would take a moment to tell you what I have done.

First off there is the 'introduction' bit. Which I don't really know what it ought to say, but I guess it will do for now.

Then a picture of me. I want to have a picture which automatically changes every now and then, so... I'll look into it.

Then there is a list of links to blogs I read. I especially recommend MemeMolly's and Kim's.

Then a super new feature! the Feedjit map! Which is really cool! It (as you may have worked out for yourself) has little dots for each visitor who comes to this blog. You can click on it for a larger map with more info on the locations of recent viewers. It's only local cities though, not like, house numbers or anything. If you want one, click through and get one for your own blog! It lets you change the colour scheme on it which I always find fun! /nerd

Then a link to my amazon wishlist! Thankyou BTW to anyone who bought me something from it! I am writing back to anyone who did, so there. I have heard from people that some of the items are for shipping to the US only, but unless someone in America tells me which they are, I can't work out which ones to delete from it!

Then a little thing which has links to my latest videos. It's kind of fugly though, even though you can change the colours etc. But it makes sense for it to be there. So it stays I guess!

Then my PO box address which some people have given me grief for posting on here and on my youtube profile page. well, I freaking paid £60 for a PO box, so I'm gonna put it out there! Plus this means people hopefully won't find my home address to send stuff to in uber creepy/scary fashion. I am going to try to write back to anyone who sends something to it. I got some pretty postcards made specially!

Then my Last.FM thing. I LOVE Last.FM! I often just use the player and put in some band I like, and it plays me all sorts of wonderful tunes. It is a fantastic little gizmo.

Then links to 'all' my crap on the web. I haven't logged into bebo since I joined it... I occasionally go on myspace to accept friend requests (I wish there was an automatic function for that), but I don't really use it other than that. I haven't been on stickam in an age!

Then the fish. I have been thinking of changing them a little, but I would feel bad for their digital fish souls if I killed off any of them.

A picture of me.

Links to my channels... some of them are the same as that other link thing. :/


Sitemeter link. This is a page counter thing, which tracks how many visitors I get to the site and then breaks it down into fancy graphs and whatnot. Fascinating :P

Then at the very bottom of the page is a link to subscribe to posts via Atom (some reader technology I guess) and a link to older posts. Which reminds me- I don't appear to have a link to any kind of archive. Maybe I should put one in the side bar.

Yeah that's it. Sort of a pointless post kind of. Thankyou for coming on this blog tour. Please take your litter with you and ensure you put the seats back in their upright position. Have a nice day!


PreyToFailure said...

I liked this post, it had a friendly mood to it.

Magick and Science said...


*shudders in disgust*

WildbillthePirate said...

You might shudder in disgust but I think it's OK to let folks know they can be friendly by getting something you like. How many times has someone given you something you wish they hadn't or asked yourself "what were they thinking?"

I'd have one on my blog too but I got most everything I need & no one reads my blog anyway!

nwtrunner said...

I like the map feature that shows where all the readers are located! Neat addition.

I think the point was clearly made that the wish list is there for those that would like to use it - if you don't wanna use it, doesn't seem like you're going to get banned or anything!

bikenik said...

The Feedjit map is a cool feature, but I drilled down to my hometown and it has me living in a cemetery a few blocks from my actual home! :(

Paperlilies has North America & western Europe tied up nicely but she has work to do in targeting readers in Africa, South America and Asia. She needs to figure out what interests people in places like outer Mongolia.

I didn't realize the Amazon thing was a wish list I just thought it was advertising so I kind of glossed over it. Hee Hee...

I suggest Paperlilies use her P.O. Box as a safety deposit box thereby doubling the productivity of her annual rent expense. :)

Anonymous said...

Even us anonymous bloggers can click an adsense ad ;)

Amjan said...

Bikenik: "Paperlilies has North America & western Europe tied up nicely but she has work to do in targeting readers in Africa, South America and Asia."

Agreed. Them Germans seem to be crazy about Bryony, they are all over the place. (This reminds me of Conan O'Brien in Finland. Hehe.)And hey! There's even somebody from South Africa. But that number cannot be satisfying. She certainly needs to include more African and Mongolian elements in her artistic repertoir.
It's damn nice of you Bryony that you provide a service which helps the Americans locate themselves on a world map!
God bless you :]

sorksam said...

i feel proud to be the sole representative of sweden in visiting your blog :)

streakfreak said...


I've emailed you a screengrab from the American Amazon. All the items on that page show various reasons why those items can't be shipped to you from your Wish List as it's set up now. Some things you can fix, some you can't. Like some items won't ship to PO boxes. If you put your house address in as your WL addy, those items wouldn't be a problem. Of course, that's up to you. I'm not suggesting you do anything, just letting you know.

In future, after you add items to your US WishList, I suggest you start the process of buying them just like one of your fans would, and see what happens. Add it to your cart from the WishList and choose the WishList shipping option, NOT by entering your house address. (We won't do that, because of course, we don't know it!) If the site lets you get through to the credit card bit, you're laughing. Just cancel the purchase, secure in the knowledge that one of your devoted fans can actually buy you said item.

I bought you something. I'm waiting impatiently for my folded paper in the post. Truth be told, I don't give a hot damn about the spirit of giving or Christmas. I'm in it strictly for the paper lilies... ;^)

Austin said...

Bryony, you have no African visitors...thats racialist.

"apparently racism is the new black"

Pablo Kickasso said...

I did notice some changes in your sidebar, and I have come to a decision. I will be boycotting this blog until you reinstate the bit about your undying love for the word "hub".

Your move.

toptag said...

The map's a nice new feature :)
I also like the Last.FM gadget ... have one too.

Raz said...

Cool web gadgets! :)

I clicked on the Apple MacBook in your wishlist and it says under Product Details -- "Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S."

Amjan said...

"Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S."

That's because they cannot locate places such as Bryony on a world map. That's why. Don't they know she already provides a world map for them on this blog so they can learn where Everywhere Else is?
WTF? Suchazz!

Drew said...

I'm the only italian guy! btw, the location is wrong..eheh

Anonymous said...

Not such a pointless post and it also gives me the excuse to post this!

Perhaps it was nothing to do with me. But when you were looking for things to do with your blog i suggested an wish list. However i forgot the saying "no good deed goes unpunished" until it suddenly dawned on me that i would feel obligated if noone else used your wish list. Then like the idiot that i am, insted of just getting the ball rolling, i ended up using it a couple more times to assuage my guilt when nothing much was happening. But i'd been so busy trying to assuage my guilt that it was only afterwards that i realised just how nuts that seemed to me! Luckily for me i can laugh at myself, so i hope you like the wish list gifts as much as i have enjoyed making a fool of myself. If i had any sense i'd quit writing comments, but fortunately or unfortunately noone has ever accused me of having any. HaHa.

Ps every blog should have a wish list as i still think it's ok to be generous just because you feel like it and i like the new map feature.

Anonymous said...

Ads! What ads?
It's easy to forget if you have "Adblock plus" enabled in Firefox.
But if you wan't to play nice and click the little text ads now and again, just set Adblock Plus to "dissable on".
Adblock Plus may also have active tracking and stat blocking filters too which would probably screw with the ability of the new FEEDJIT Map feature to locate you.
There's more info here:

Mylene said...

Hey! Nancy, Lorraine, France : that's me!!
It really makes me feel special to leave a foot-path on that blog .
Yay, thanks to me, there is a little dot in eastern France, I feel good.

Anonymous said...

The Map's a nice addition - there's a real variety of viewers - The Puritan's England shipped to American, the ever so slightly touched they shipped to Canada, the Criminals they banished to Australia and the Ultra Cool and Rockin who went to New Zealand of there own accord. Right on.

Anonymous said...

"So who would live in a blog loike this?" (In a wierd Canadian/English accent)