Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Batman is emo

I just saw the trailer for the next batman movie, and it looks kind of cool I guess.

I feel like I was burned by the last one. I had been so looking foward to it, I was bristling with excitement when I went to see it, and it was the worst experience watching a movie in a cinema of my whole life. I was utterly uninvolved with the film. I was watching the clock waiting for it to finish. It was the one and only time that I have been tempted to walk out of the cinema before a film was over.

The girlfriend in the city- what was that?? that whole subplot seemed totally pointless and unconnected. It seemed to be trying too hard to be serious, and therefore lost its comicbook quality, despite it being about a dude who dresses up as a bat cause he has issues. It wasn't that it was too dark, it was that it was too boring.

So yeah, I have been unexcited at the idea of this new one, though having seen the trailer (and the replacement of Katie Holmes (damp squib damsel in distress) with Maggie Gyllenhall (odd looking cool girl who is capably of kicking a moderate amount of ass) pricks my interest, as does the fact that it looks a little cartoonier (in a good way) and actually has a decent looking bad guy (seriously, I can barely even remember the bad guys in the last one. ugh. stupid movie). The bat-bike and tank-batmobile look retarded though, I have to say. the batmobile should have 50s qualities. There should always be a harkening back to the origins of Batman, IMO.

But having said all this, you should probably know, in the interests of full disclosure, that I was obsessed with Batman Forever (and have sat through Batman and Robin on more than one occasion) due to an obsession with Chris O'Donnell and the character of Robin. Yeah, I don't know. Shh.


Linear Zap said...

A good Batmobile should have more curves than angles (maybe that's what you mean by "50s qualities")... The 1989 Batmobile is still the best-looking in my opinion.

...And you can even make a cheap (albeit pathetic) replica of it with an old Corvette and some DIY skills...

Anonymous said...

Looks like they decided to go for something less superficial at last!
The villan in the trailer reminds me of the dark style of "The Crow". But
there's something familure about that voice - isn't it the voice of the sabre-toothed tiger villan in "Ice Age"!

roygbiv said...

I saw the IMAX trailer on YT and it got me hyped (bank heist + humor) It's all about the Joker; I want to see him kick some ass. I never really got into comics but my step-brother is a Batman freak so I tried to get into it more; then seeing Liam Neeson doing the same Star Wars character was kind of eh...I was surprised how Katie Holmes was but I think I prefer Maggie. There was news here from the first one that a guy drunk drove into one of the batmobiles which was funny (no one got hurt)
As long as the Joker is scary enough to make babies cry I'll be happy.
Oh and I saw a mashup on YT where someone overdubbed audio from the new trailer to clips of the old batman show that's pretty cool.

Amjan said...

OMFG I just couldn't stand Robin! He was like this annoying, semi-emo, overzealous kid who had nothing better to do in his free time than... uhm... following Batman's arse.
And he had a stupid costume! Pfff.

Oh, and one more thing:
Michael Keaton > any other batman

vclamp said...

The Joker is played by Heath Ledger who has a distinctive voice.

I predict a certain Cinemastah will make a reply here soon....

Anonymous said...

So, you hate the new batman, but you LIKED Batman Forver and Batman and Robin? You've just lost all credibility right there.