Friday, January 11, 2008


During my brief stint at ebuyer, I was introduced for the first time to people who really get excited about things like graphics cards and Gigs of things. I had never opened up a PC nor knew it was so piss easy to change stuff in them before that job.. so there is that going for it.

So yeah, I bought some new RAM for my imac because it has been acting lame-slow lately, and I installed it, and now have 2 gigs of RAM instead of 512K or M or whatever it was before. I don't know how well that has affected my computer yet. Hopefully it will stop acting so crappy. I need to run some sort of diagnostic on it but I don't really know what. And for some reason the start up installer disks, which have the hardware test on them, aren't working when I start up and hold down D.

Uh... so yeah, I'm gonna search around some more. but for now, I am happy with my RAM-installing self. And yeah, I know that's the easiest bit of computer do-it-yourselfery there is but it was a big deal for me! It's the kind of thing my dad would pretend to know how to do but actually not really have any idea of.

*is pleased with tech-self*

Oh yeah! I looked it up on apple's own store and it was like £200 or something to buy the memory modules from them, but on, it was £30! And it came in like 2 days!


Anonymous said...

Hi Paperlilies,
I don't know about imac but on a windows laptop it helps to scandisk (check integrity of file structure) and defrag the drive.
It's so wet today here in UK.
Like your stuff Blog, YouTube.
PS. Mememolly's blog has gone.
PPS. Did 2 GIG improve things?

SuperJV said...

*puts on mac geek hat*

the ram should def improve performance, esp with multimedia apps and running multiple apps...

the hardware test will tell you if there is something physically wrong with the machine. which is probably (hopefully) unlikely. in the mean time, make sure the internal hd passes verification in disk utility.

Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility

it's also a good idea not to let the internal (system) hd get too full, it should be at least 10% free. This will improve performance and reduce the chance of a drive crash. It's also a good to be running your video from an external firewire drive (i'm sure you're probably already doing that).

and, many would not try to install it themselves so, ok to be proud of your techie self :)

ok now back to work on the mac in front of me :)

ZombieJesus said...
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Amjan said...

Yup, defragmenting the drives is a must [click the start menu etc.]. Don't forget to scan your discs for spyware and all that rubbish, and to eat at least two hot meals a day.

Computer geeks unite! \\//,

Linear Zap said...

This post reminded me of the quite funny roflcat website:

BadAlbert said...

Sounds good, I would love to do that, if it really is so easy, and not crazy expensive I might look into it. There's nothing worse than a slow computer. Except maybe a rabit dog biting you on the arse just as a gang of skinheads trap you in an alley that's on fire.

BadAlbert said...

Rabit dog? I did of course mean 'rabid'. A rabit dog is much worse and I wouldn't would to overstate the point...

Anonymous said...

Mac OS doesn't get particularly fragmented because it uses a different filesystem to Windows (automatically de-fragments fragmented files), so there is usually not a need to de-fragment. It's probably not a culprit as far as performance is concerned.

Similarly with spyware, there is so little written to target Mac OS and so few (known?) vulnerabilities in the operating system that it's unlikely a Mac will encounter any spyware at all.

The extra RAM should help if you multitask a lot - you should see the beach-ball a lot less - it helped a lot when I upgraded my MacBook to 2GB.

Pablo Kickasso said...

Giggity giggity giggity.

Alll right.

Staticharge said...

Apple parts are notoriously expensive and overpriced, when it's almost always the same components you can buy for a PC. And at much cheaper prices. Never buy things from them when you can avoid it, such as hard drives and ram and all that. It's all the same parts.

Heck, all the new Macs are actually PCs anyway, in case you didn't know. They switched to Intel chips here a while back, which makes all modern Macs capable of booting into XP/Vista too if one wants. Apple released software called "Boot Camp" which lets one dual-boot between the two operating systems if they want.

bikenik said...

I have two gigs of ram on my apple but I ordered it from the factory that way so I can't tell you the difference. I probably don't really need this much as I don't do anything terribly taxing with my machine but, "I had to have it".

JJC1138 said...

This post is like geek porn.

Anonymous said...

It should make a huge difference across all applications. While the chip is the computer's brain, the RAM is the computer's athleticism.

I used to have 512, and later got a new computer with 2 GIG. I do spreadsheets with tens of thousands of numbers each day, and a spreadsheet that once took 6 minutes to complete with 512, takes less than 10 seconds with 2 GIGs.

Your computer should be like a completely different machine now.

PreyToFailure said...

LOL, I'm proud of you tech-self too. It's intimidating the first time you have to change any parts of a computer. I'm been experimenting with Ubuntu Linux lately, and have been having so much fun I have been missing work!

WildbillthePirate said...


I'm not a computer expert and I will say this at the start. If, after installing the chip,you didn't immediately notice a much faster computer, First, make sure that your computer recognizes it has the extra RAM- look at config when you start it up-it should be there. Second, do a spyware/ malware sweep with your current program, use the utilities to clean your drive & hopefully, you have any of a number of programs that clean up your computer ( CCleaner, etc...) You can find free, safe downloads @

I use CCleaner (free) every time I am online & I like it but there are several out there and I don't want to Steer you as now you are a proud techie, so do take the time to look through the site. Hope this helps. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

It might help if you got more RAM. But it if it just acts slow it might also be your processor. It might not be able to calculate everything you want in the time you want it to do. But it sometimes helps to have more RAM.

Anonymous said...

If it's an older machine and it used to run faster, maybe the hard drive is starting to go bad. I had a PC that starting running slower and slower until the hard drive seized up.

Anonymous said...


CatchFlipsidE said...

Crucial memory is an EXCELLENT choice for Macs. Great job :) Grats on 2GB of RAM. Not sure what you really do on your Mac, but if you install Bootcamp or Parallels, it'll really help out if you pick Vista.

The Bread Dragon said...

Heya paperlillies, the ram wont do much until you run a few things at once... since your on a mac I'm guessing your using imovie? I think I remember reading that somewhere.. (your youtube profile maybe?! meh) but yea, think of the ram as the computers ability to multi task, the more ram means the more things it can think about at once.. so one or two things wont be a problem but lots of things are more tricky! if ya hard drive is full I suggest emptying it one an external hard drive, they're easy to use and kinda cheap for what you get... plus they're ultra portable :D which means good times!

oh and for the diagnostics scan there's defo some 3rd party software you can use, I wouldn't bother trying to get the disks to work.. they might just be scratched or summot?! some things are simple to explain..

well done on the ram install, it is a bit nerve racking when ya open up the box, because you don't wanna known summot or other and break it.
I got nervous too the 1st time I did it :(

happy...(well its 2.37 annnnd... 50 seconds..) so happy 13th or January.. i'm sure there must be something dedicated to this day..

ok this is a bit sad that I looked into it but it only took 12 secs on wikipedia

January 13th
'In UK, as proposed by comedian Bob Mills on BBC Radio 5 Live's Fighting Talk this is the day beyond which the penalty for wishing someone a Happy New Year should be death.'


Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm designated January 13 "Steve Yzerman Day." (he's some former pro hockey player :S)

told ya this a day dedicated to summot ;)

also I'm kinda impressed that this post has been up 1/2 days and you already have so many people offering you advice!

The Bread Dragon said...

and oh my god how long is my comment :|

Daniel said...

A lot of the posts above apply to Windows PCs rather than Macs so aren't much use to you. In terms of booting from the Apple Hardware Test CD its not working because you're holding down the wrong key.

To boot a Mac from the CD hold down 'C' after you turn the Mac on. Either that or you could hold down the alt/option key and it will give you an icon for each boot device.

Hope that helps.