Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Would hit.

I have a google alert for my youtube username, and usually it shows me my own blog posts, but today!! A gem:

A website called STEROIDOLOGY!! And they were talking about me and how they would hit (it? me?) yet they don't care what I have to say. Not living up to the stereotype or macho douchebagginess at all then?

I want to study steroidology. Actually this brings me onto a subject I have thought about before- you know how olympic and otherwise athletes are not allowed to use any steroids as it makes things unfair and whatnot? well I think it would be SO AWESOME if there was a competition wherein the players/competitors were actively ENCOURAGED to use steroids. Imagine how fast they would run, how high they would leap! how huge they would be!! They would be a veritable super-race!!

Also, do you watch The World's Strongest man?? I LOVE that show- I miss the Magnusson family from it. It is far more enjoyable to me than endless curling and skiing things that are on this time of year (if it is an olympic year) and I think rather more noble than the more boring feats olympically attempted (so you can run .002 seconds faster than another guy... you are both way fast. that is all.) its the WORLD'S STRONGEST MAN! imagine knowing you were the strongest person in the world!!

Anyway, yeah, its a great competition and I love watching it every year, and barely anyone watches it compared with boring olympic stuff. So there!


aryfusee said...

"Would hit her, but don't care about what she has to say"

Wow, what a catch this guy... seems like a prince, really :P

MrBlonde said...

I love World's Strongest Man! But it was definitely better in the times of good old Magnus Ver Magnusson. Pudzianwoski isn't that cool. He is like the steroids-coming-out-of-his-ears version of Beckham or something, with those shaven eyebrows... I don't know, I just don't lke that guy.

Anyway, the show is great, and if I had to choose my favourite event, I'd pick the Atlas stones (I gues it's because of the catchy name) and that one where they had to hold a Volkswagen-like car and make it spin around an axis. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Paper said: "And they were talking about me and how they would hit (it? me?) yet they don't care what I have to say."

Um (holding breath)...do you mean, uh, um, as opposed to this blog and your Youtube account? Just kidding--really.

Yeah, I saw it on ESPN2 I guess, this past weekend, and I thought: "Where's the Magnusson guy?"

A steroid competition would be fun to watch, but when they all had pea-sized testicles, acne all over their backs, bones crumbling, and lose like 50% of their body mass, we'll have to look at a bunch of Lyle Alzados, and that won't be fun. Go check him out on Youtube when he was on his last leg. Not pretty.


streakfreak said...

You have to give 'em credit PL... they have excellent taste in women!

Nathan said...

the all drug olympics:

WildbillthePirate said...

As If!


Did we say Hit? we meant Shag....Sorry!

Senor Ano Nymous said...

Yeah! I remember long ago being strangely fascinated when I was flipping through tv channels and found those guys hurling big logs and stuff. That's when I knew that fat dudes could be just as strong or stronger in some respects than ripped dudes.

Bebo Guru said...

This was absolutely hillarious Bryony. Thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Just a slight bummer down side to the steroids is that unless you only take enough to avoid training injuries THEY WILL KILL YOU in the end.
What about taking it in another direction and making them into cyborgs.Then you really would see some AWESOME races.
Or how about an exoskeleton that you put on to instantly turn you into a DEMIGOD!I wan't one for Christmas Please!

Anonymous said...

forgot to say - wonder how gutted they will feel when they see your latest video and discover that you don't even like to walk much! Perhaps a little competition to see who can find the weirdest website where you are the hot topic for discussion would be fun.

Magick and Science said...

you'd be dissapointed. steroids actually shrink the male genitals.

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