Monday, December 17, 2007

Why I Hate Bananas (song)

So for no special reason I decided to go through my subscriptions and unsubscribe from those channels I have been subscribed to fo ages and yet never watch their videos. These unfortunately include Pipistrello!!! Which I feel bad about but I did it because I NEVER watch his videos. Then sometimes I go through a phase of watching about a months worth all in one go, which I will still do. But yeah... I feel bad when someone might actually notice that I unsubbed from them. When it's Nalts, then he's never going to realise! HA! take that Nalts!

Uh... Oh yeah, the reason for this confessional is that I also checked out all the channels I am subbed to yet can't recall who they are. Like the girl in the video below- I LOVE the songs she has on there! They are fantastical to me. So yeah, I thought I would share one with youuu


Tucker said...

Yeah I hate when I realize that I have been subscribed to someone for a while but never watch their videos. Makes me angry.

Anonymous said...

RE:Banana song-her voice is not bad but she needs to get closer to the mic and or a better mic.
I can eat Bananas but someone gave me a revolting Buttered Banana and Sugar Sandwich when i was a kid; just thinking about that sandwich makes me feel like puking!

LumenEdge said...

So, that's why you unsubscribed from me. Yeah, it was real noticeable since I only had 21 subs to begin with and YouTube won't even give me full correct credit for them (the sub number says 19 now instead of the correct 20).

(dramatic close-up)
Oh well, if my efforts meant so little to you, that you could so casually cast me aside, then perhaps this parting of the for the best. (cue single tear running down left cheek)
(end dramatic close-up)

I'm not mad at ya. Hey, so you, much like YouTube itself, chooses to ignore my hard work and creative effort. For every 100,000 people that ignore me, there is at least 1 person to take their place…uh, wait a minute. That ratio sucks doesn’t it? Ok, forget I said that!

Anyway, this just means that there's one less game sprite that I have to design now, lol.

Yep, nothing says Merry Christmas like unsubbing from someone who's been putting out original content for nine months but only had 21 subs to begin with, hahaha. ;)

Seriously though, I'm done caring about the YouTube numbers game. Doing so was killing my creative soul. I don't want anyone subbed who doesn't want to be there.

Merry Christmas and happy trails to you. :)

This message has been brought to you by the LumenEdge preservation society.
“I highly endorse this message and/or product.”- LumenEdge

Anonymous said...

so they toss it and leave it!
And I pull up quick to retrieve it!
mmm girls with guitars.....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Or, each time that you come across the latest coffee house, acoustic crooner, you can always default to legends.


psycoticsinginchick said...

It looks like she's in a bathroom on the floor by the door. Which, by the way, is a great place to sing because you can hear yourself reverberate off the bathroom walls. The acoustics of a bathroom is fantastic. But I thought I'd mention that. Meanwhile, my last two posts on youtube were of me singing. I think if you like this, you might like mine as well. Check it out.


toptag said...

I usually tend to keep all subscriptions ... because there's always a chance that now and then when something amongst the new vids grabs my attention I take a closer look :)

Marquisdejolie The Sun Conqueror said...

Hahaha! LumenEdge: 100,000 to 1 sounds like my ratio.

Paperlilies: I recently did somethng worse. I recently went through all the people who subscribed TO ME and eliminated the ones I've never heard from. Dropped my subscriptions one fourth from 475 to 325. Who needs them if they won't interact?

grene said...

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