Thursday, December 27, 2007


SO I have decided to unsubscribe from BoingBoing on my RSS. I read one too many of Cory Doctorow's posts in which he feels he has to assert his ownership twice each time ("in my series of images from my travels"). Get over yourself Cory. I do not care about your travels into your sphincter and out again.

Yeah, so there.

Right now I have been up for 17 hours or so. I am planning on staying up til about 10pm or more. Who knows. I really want to go to bed now though. Dang it all.


bikenik said...

Bryony, if you don't sleep you can make many more videos and blog entries...well, on second thought, maybe sleep is as important as vlogging.

Cory Doctorow said...


Simon said...

I agree that Boing Boing is very hit am miss these days. For a while I couldn't stand all the pervy crap from Xeni who makes Cory seem shy. I couldn't take any more translation updates from Cory.

I like this filter to get rid of Cory and Xeni: