Friday, December 14, 2007

SXEPhil names Paperlilies as one of the two worst vloggers of '07

Nice Phil..... REAL nice.

My first reaction to something like this is to get all pissy about it. Not surprising but whatever. My second reaction is to get mad and do something about it! My third reaction is to reassess and realise that Phil's primary motivation with youtube is to make as much money as he can, and that any response I might make to his passive aggressive jibes at me would only help him in that goal.

Putting me in league with Blunty.... Now that's sure to get me stabby.


imjessford said...

he's a tool with a shit radio dj voice who wears too much makeup.

God said...

He could not be more wrong. So says I.

Anonymous said...


Honestly, this guy is an intellectual midget, and I really don't dig his act, at all. I mean, I think he made me laugh once or twice, maybe even three times, but that's not enough.

Anyhow, his impetuous relationship has probably gone south already, and now he wants to get your attention by pulling your ponytail.

Should you decide you want some material to end up positively pwning this guy, it would be like taking candy from a baby.


ZipDudeAh said...

Ignore him Bryony! That is the worst thing you can do to a person like Phil.

JJC1138 said...

Phil frustrates me because I have to admit that I really like his sense of humour, but he keeps doing really dickish things. This is the second time I've unsubscribed from him.

Zack said...

oh snap. I can has a duel with sxephil? pistols?

WildbillthePirate said...

I think of Ms.Phil the same way I think of Giuliani-WHAT A TOOL!-It's not a stretch to consider her yet another Talking Head! Don't respond- Don't allow her to make any money off you!

The Voice of Reason said...

I don't agree with Phil, and I do like your videos but they have changed from when you first started Papes.

I can't put my finger on what exactly but there you go. Less interaction with Subscribers maybe - but then you didn't have 25k of them back then I guess.

I miss the old style vlogs that you hate so much, but which people like. Maybe you've felt under pressure to make quality stuff because of the amount of subs you now have - don't know.

At the end of the day you'll probably say but i make these videos for me! Which is fair enough.

I guess...

Chris Stokes said...

There is an aura of slimy pretention around young Philip, which transposes negativity all over the people whom view his videos with their eyes, and which does not plague your output in the slightest. You are most certainly the winnest of the two of you, and his kicking out at your good self is because he must try extremely hard to appear natural, witty and erudite, when you don't need to because you already are.

Andrew said...

he's a douche -- forget about him.

Anonymous said...

i find his videos so staged and contrived.
also, it might not be so bad had he even bothered to justifiy his choices and tell everyone why he dislikes your videos.
incidentally, i think he's wrong, but what gets me is people who just throw out these "controversial" statements, and it seems like there is no point to them except getting more views/money/whatever.

Anonymous said...

He's just jealous and he looks the kind of butthead that simply would not understand you anyway.Funny thing - i've never seen any of his videos but i've seen loads of your videos. Nuf Said!

Anonymous said...

out of the popularity frying pan and into the fire.. who gives a fucking toss what he thinks? i don't and neither should you.

why the fuck would anyone with any intelligence tune in for their daily dose of news to that guy? i mean, honestly.

Marjorie was never obvious, Peter.. that's why I loved her..

exactly, bollocks mate, bollocks.

NusaCat said...

The power of the four-letter c-word exceeds that of the four-letter p-word.

Cornelius Prime said...

Ignore that loser he's a sad little ... possibly man.

Tucker said...

Well he is much uglier than you, so rejoice in that. I spelled that word wrong. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

I think your awesome reminiscent of Kanye West's awsomeness

Anonymous said...

if u wanna hit Phil where it hurts, bring up the fact that he's rapidly going bald...which is probably why his girlfriend left him.

Bach said...

He may not make the best decisions but he does make some pretty good videos.

But if I had to choose between you two, Bryony - hands down.

tejayce said...

exactly .. just ignore him.

you know.
we know.
you´r awesome ;)
and he´s just envious.

"never argue with an idiot. he brings you down to his level and then beats you with experience."

Anonymous said...

why did you embed his video? .. you should ignore him .. not support him with additional views.

just my 2 cents.

Talula0658 said...

Sexy Phil,
He's a douchebag
Sexy Phil
He fuckin' sucks.


Having said that, I do agree with the voice of reason up there. Your videos have changed. I don't think they've gotten worse, just different. I also liked the old school vlogs.

I was watching CapnOawesome and he said something that fits here for you, I think. You're not here to make the videos we want to see. We're here to watch the videos you want to make. Otherwise, unsub.

AutomaticTLC said...

I love him..
I love you..but lately. :-\

Not that I'm totally agreeing with him.

JX said...

Phil is an idiot to say anything bad about you Bryony.
Phil makes funny stuff but he couldn't be more wrong on this one.

Your Awesome!

So Say We All!

Jason W said...

"This video has been removed by the user."

Change of heart? Who knows? I have never seen any of his videos.

In any case, he's clearly wrong as even though your format has changed a bit[1], you've made some great videos this year.

[1] I love your vlog/rants and random videos about nothing. In fact, everything which isn't about some obscure YouTube poster I've never heard of before[2] I like.

[2] zomg self reference[3]

[3] This post has gone downhill fast.

streakfreak said...

PL, IMNSHO, you have the most interesting channel on YouTube. Easily. You are interesting, intelligent, and utterly charming, and it shows in your videos. Or you're an amazing actress with a great team of writers. Either or. :^)

And of course your videos have changed: YOU'VE CHANGED. That's what people do as they live life... they have experiences and they change and grow as a result.

I unsubbed Phil a long time ago. He can be funny sometimes, but he is a complete and utter tool. PL, you've got his number. He's a shit-stirring moneygrubber. Ignore him.

Vanessa said...

Gawd, he's irritating. What an ass of a man.

I really like your videos. I think you have such a great style.

Pepper Emergency said...

Hi Paperlilies, your vids this year have been poor compared to last year's.

How have they changed? Well, I think mingling with youtube's groovy gang has diluted your individuality somewhat.

The nerdy collaborations are corny to say the least, and the planned "sketch" type vids don't suit you.

Your best vids were about you, your random thoughts and your general outlook on life. My favourite one is about how to eat chips properly.

You seem uncomfortable infront of the camera now, like you're trying too hard and are under pressure to please your growing number of (creepy american male) subscribers.

They will defend your latest vids because they like your accent and think you're hot.

What can you do? Well I would ignore that douche's video and take a break from youtube. Come back when you're ready and just be yourself.

Is my harsh assessment out of order, what do you all think?


Anonymous said...

I agree with pepper emergency.

I find the outtakes/b-side (etc.,) stuff on xplx, electronicbestfriend and princessbitchslap vastly more entertaining than the recent additions to the paperlilies channel.

They're just... More honest, I suppose.

Oh and Damien Estreich is a creepy weirdo.

Anonymous said...

Umm, and what exactly does Paper gain by making videos that meet "pepper emergency"'s level of quality? Apparently u wouldn't miss her if she took a break...But we just like to see her as much as possible. Perhaps "pepper" needs a break from youtube.

streakfreak said...


Show us your tits!

Whoops, sorry. Just trying to live down to the stereotypical horny viewer that Pepper Emergency is smearing lots of us as.

My favourite YouTube video of all time is your Sarcasm video. But I just now realized what would have improved that witty, elegant, and sarcastic delight: You dancing in your underwear! Bang! You'd instantly get a million views too! ;^P

bikenik said...

Paperlilies best videos are when she is just being herself - the charming English Rose with the unique and particular outlook on the world - that's what I enjoy watching.

Anonymous said...

He's a cunt with a huge ugly mouth! Plus he's not even remotely funny. True wit requires intelligence.

Anonymous said...

The irony is that he would never have gotten popular without you! You were the one that gave him his first push in subscribers, which is what everyone needs to get going. He's an ass, everyone that knows him personally dislikes him, we all agree, lets move on.

Kimberl(eigh)y said...

Straight edge phil things you suck as a vlogger!? NOOOOoooooor! THIS IS THE BIGGEST HORROR OF MY DAY!

hahaaha, seriously bry, why would you even care what he of all people thinks?

Magick and Science said...

then why are you promoting him by posting his video here?

aren't you both affiliated with yourtubnews and the "kewl kids klub" and all the stories and allegations of "scandal, scamming, pimping and prostitution" that go with that?