Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Subscription pity

Further on the subject of unsubscribing- LumenEdge left me a comment and expressed his reaction to my unsubscribing. Now he has only 19 subscribers! So I feel bad. But then, why do I feel bad?? I never watched those videos, so even though I was subscribed, I didn't get anything from that subscription whatsoever. It sounds super harsh to say, but I never watched them so it was essentially an empty subscription.

But I do feel bad about it. Subscriber numbers are a badge of honour (yes I spell it with a U) and when you don't have a lot, you really notice them fluctuate.

But then on the other hand, why should anyone stay subscribed to something that they don't watch? I wouldn't stay subscribed to a magazine if I never read it. But then, youtube is free, so what harm does it do to subscribe to a channel to boost its numbers?

I guess it comes down to, for me, that I have never asked for subscribers myself- you know how people have at the end of their videos, 'rate, comment, subscribe'? I have never done that, ever, because it sits wrong with me. It's like asking someone to tip you (tipping needs another blog post), which seems little more than begging in a way. It seems desperate. I feel like if someone likes your stuff, they will do what they want to do.

Also, people message and ask me to subscribe to their channel and they will subscribe back to me. Shyeah right! I subscribe to who I want to watch. Which I think is the only reason you should subscribe to someone. Not out of loyalty or a sense of duty.

That said, I do still feel bad about it.


Anonymous said...

Be like me and don't subcribe to anything. I just use bookmarks - Problem solved!

Nathan said...

I like to use british spelling sometimes, especially "colour"

it's a nice way to add variety

firefox's spelling-checker tells me that's wrong

fuckoff firefox

Jason W said...

Nathan: You just need to install an en-au (or en-gb) dictionary. See Mozilla Dictionary Installation for details.

Bryony: I completely agree with your "why subscribe" comments. I subscribe purely because I like the content I see.

pg wodehouse said...

“It is a good rule in life never to apologize. The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort of people take a mean advantage of them.”

Anonymous said...

I like my subscription list "light and tight"

revilomat said...

It is a good thing to unsubscribe if you don't watch. Imagine this guy with 18 subscribers, he makes a video and thinks, wow they will all watch it, but noone really does. I think it would be cool if YouTube would automatically clean up the subscriptions from time to time (like deleting all subscriptions that have not been active for 3 month or something). I think that would kick a few people out of the most subscribed list (compare the subscribers with the actual views!) But I guess they don't want to give up on users, even if they don't exist any more.

Anonymous said...

well said & i concur.
my subscriptions consist of people i DO watch.

& i have nothing else to say now, so i will part by telling you that your britney video made my lungs sing & all that cal

Magick and Science said...

ummm... did you say you never beg?

oh, puhleeeeaze