Friday, December 28, 2007

Shopping spree part 3

Louboutin shoes.

I do not like Manolo Blahnik shoes. I think they are ugly. THERE I SAID IT. Fuck you Sex And The City. I don't think they are sexy or cute or interesting or beautiful. they are all to teensy weensy and lame looking. I hate them.

I like Louboutin shoes! They are soooo sexy. They have red soles! They look like something a hollywood starlet would get bought by their studio to attend something at Mann chinese theatre.

So I would have a good few pairs of them. In this magical world in which I have $500,000 to spend on clothes, I would also have either worked out and become a size nothing and learned to walk in these sorts of shoes, or had major liposuction in order to fit demurely into these dresses and avoid the pages of all the rag magazines with my 'fashion disasters' and whatnot. Got to have those ribs a-showin.

Anyway, I digress.

First, these might not look THAT special, but I love them. I love this sort of grey with red (battleships in the loft! My dad used to paint WW2 figures, and this sort of grey was always on them, and the only bright colour ever used on anything was red. Hmm.)

Anyway, the grey is sort of the antithesis of the sexiness of the heel and the red sole of deliciousness which I like. I feel like I would wear these to something serious, like meeting the president or the queen or something. $600

Then these are sort of the skankier version- a huge platform that makes them insanely hard to wear (I imagine). The slingback makes them seem less brutal than if they had a solid heel back thing I think. Yeah, these are like, the shoes that I would wear all the time cause you know... black goes with everything! $820

These are extremely hollywood- I would paint my toenails the brightest red and wear these with a purple gown. $625

These are awesome cause I think they look at the same time evil and lizard queenesque, and also cute and pretty and pink and girly. I can imagine a baddy type of character wearing them. With huge gold nails and too much eye makeup. The red sole clashes but I think it works. They also come in a nice green but these are my favourite. (no idea on price. I will hazard a guess at $700)

A side note to this.... Shoes are one of the few items I would actually feel moderately comfortable paying quite alot for (not $1000s, but maybe $100s, if I had them) because I can't make my own shoes, and from my limited experience, top quality shoes actually are made really well and are more comfortable as a rule. With fancy dresses etc, I know I could if I wanted to, make my own, or find something similar. With shoes... there's just a certain specialness that you don't have with clothes. And they come in a box, and with a special dust bag, and are ever so beautiful to look at. and they make you feel super special when you put them on.


Manolo Blahnik said...


Sex And The City said...

Oh don't You worry...We are being Fucked !

Sex And The City said...

Fucked by our Manolo Blahnik's !

Anonymous said...

The grey and red shoes are definitely nice. They remind me of a classic silver Porsche with red leather interior.


bikenik said...

I like your taste in shoes Bryony...most woman would look like a million bucks in any of these styles you've picked out.

Stylish footwear is such a turn on!

tejayce said...

in general i cant really deal with this whole .. ehm i guess its a "girls thing". i mean the whole makeup and clothing mania. you make me wonder though, if its just because most women simply have bad taste. i actually just found myself admiring pairs of shoes .. either i am going crazy .. ehm ..nevermind that thought ..
i am beginning to see the artistic side to all of this .. and i am starting to wonder about your stance and opinions.

Alexandrou said...

I feel like such a girl for reading that little article...

Guess Who? Magick and Science said...

wish lists, imaginary $500,00 shopping sprees, complaining about gifts people send you, constantly begging and plotting and scamming for things, a P.O. Box on your youtube page and here so people will hopefully send you even more stuff! dont you feel like you are a disgusting greedy soulless thing? You might think abou how you really feel. you must feel you have the most horrible desperate screaming empty feeling inside of you. you must be on the brink of going insane. it appears you have the most empty and unhappy and meaningless life ever. you need to look beyond materialism.

Anonymous said...

did you know that the soles are red, cause loubiton used to fix the soles if he marked them using red nail polish. people like it so he stuck at it. lol.

Anonymous said...

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