Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Reticence... and I will never be a nerd fighter.

I have no idea what this 'vlog for awesome' thing is that keeps popping up all over my subscription box like a fungus but I am not going to watch it. Fuck you, everyone who keeps posting the same video!! If there is anything that puts me off something its when everyone does it. Which is why I was never cool in school.

Ok ok, a poster who I respect enough to actually watch and has posted it is JackDanyells, So I just watched his video. So I guess its some 'tell us the charity you want us to support' type thing? Meh. Seems like a clever Vlogbrother promotion thing. Makes sense I suppose, but reeks of self promotion to me.

Vlog Brothers. I subbed to them for a while, but their faux-Ze schtick, whilst better than Phil, still didn't work for me. Substitute 'Nerdfighters' with 'Sports Racers' and their pastiche is ever more apparrent. I saw, I liked their concept, but then I never watched, and so I unsubscribed. They are climbing the subscription ladder though, so... good for them. And they put work into their videos regularly, so I can't fault them for that.

I like being mean on my blog- it is so liberating!!



JJC1138 said...

I subbed to the vlogbrothers a couple of weeks ago (so I'm about a year late to the party — story of my life).

I was intrigued when they mentioned their secret project so I subbed to the e-mail list too (where they announced in advance what the project actually is). I thought it was a cool idea and I participated in the comment spamming of the first few videos, but I was surprised by how negative the response has been from many of the people I like on YouTube.

I think the problem is that whenever you have anything that's exclusive (like a "secret project") it's great fun for the people on the inside, but everybody else feels understandably left out (especially when the exclusive people are deliberately shoving themselves in everybody else's face and not doing a brilliant job of explaining what the hell is going on).

I haven't heard anybody who knew about the project in advance saying that they don't like it, but unfortunately I haven't heard anybody who didn't know about it in advance saying that they did like it. And since there are far more people in the latter category than the former, I think we'd have to call that a failure.

BadAlbert said...

Mean? Mean would be saying you want to set fire to them and push them into a tank filled with giant crabs, which is what they deserve. Go on, say it, you know you want to.

Anonymous said...

I like you mean, blog green or any damed thing,cos you're not boring!

darth vader said...

Welcome to the Dark Side!