Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Pictures from my weekend in Leeds

Me and Laura

(I can't get this picture to stay the right way up so there!)
Laura and Andy (in profile)

Me and Andy in a myspace pose

All 3 of us in the Hifi Club. I have no idea why we are all looking askance.

From the German Market. I can only imagine how many people have been proposed to via giant biscuit.

One of these said 'my brother is the beste'. I don't know why the extra 'e' was there but I dearly wanted to buy it. Too bad, Alan, I am but a cheapass.


Anonymous said...

i love the "i need you so much" one. sounds dodgy.
and the one that says "Granny is the best" because it looks like the kind of dessert that could potentially kill a Granny.

streakfreak said...

Bryony, we all know that you bought that cookie. It just never made it back to Enfield! You scarfed the whole thing down on the train home, didn't you?! Come on Bryony... come clean!

Tucker said...

Your female friend looks like the lesbian who dated Marrisa on "The O.C"

Pretty, but she could totally kick my ass.

Little Miss TBA said...

It's nice to see you out and about. Seems like you had a great time with your pals.

Anonymous said...


Would you say: "Get the fuck away from me creep" if a proposal came "via giant bisquit" while taking a hot air balloon ride all the while being filmed for YouTube broadcast by another random girl?


The red Guy said...

Lol - you have German Christmas Markets over there? As I saw the picture I was 'wtf - they have the same crap in the uk?' but then I read the text :)

Frohe Weihnachten ^^

CatchFlipsidE said...

iPhoto should be able to do a 90 degree right rotation and save the image.

Anonymous said...

CatchFlipsidE, that's probably why it does. All you need to do it click the rotate button, then drag it wherever (desktop) you want to make a copy.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait yeah now i feel like a dolt, I think that's what you were saying! Ignore me.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks thou doest hide a talent for photography in that delightful mind of yours Lady Bryony!

shadx said...

Cool pics. Good question, Dave!
For quik-pic editing,
I was checking out the Picknik add-on for my browser
(been using Flock instead of Firefox but I think it supports Safari) and it's got nice functions pretty on par with Picasa.
(You could also just rotate your phone but I'm sure you thought of that now didn't you)
I need to find a shop like that around here when I need brownie points...
I wonder what Laura cooked, and goyza as in the potsticker? Yeeyah...

Anonymous said...

the 'e' is there because in German 'the best' is written 'der beste'

bikenik said...

They should write "Its your turn to clean the bathroom" or "Did you take the dog for a walk?" on those giant biscuits...they'd sell millions.