Thursday, December 27, 2007

PART ONE OF THE $500k imaginary shopping spree

OK, so first off, I guess is the Chanel Suit. Like the one Marge buys in the Simpsons.
I can't work out anywhere except ebay and netaporter to look at the prices of these things, so i searched online and found this odd looking site where a decent one is $598, which I think isn't that bad really for a decent lady suit.

Note: the Chanel website is lame!! It's one of those annoying ones which insists on opening a huge screen up for itself and being all flashy over your entire screen. I am the sort of person who has 10 things happening at once on their computer and I don't have time to dedicate to solely looking at one annoying website.

I checked out,
and was kind of disappointed in their latest collection- raw edges look crappy!! If I am going to spend crayzay amounts on clothes, they better not have raw frayed edges. I think it was kind of interesting a few years ago to do that, but now it just looks boring and old. There were a few cute things I tried to get screenshots of, namely these cute starsailor sort of print dresses and little red ankle bags!!! <3

Sorry about the weird screenshots- there was all sorts of stupid flash-rollover issues. I dont like the 2nd dress so much, but I wanted to get a better shot of the shoe bag thing.

There were no prices on any of this so I guess I can't count it in. WOE. There are some amazing watches that I like but I have to find out if that counts or not.

total at the moment: $598


Anonymous said...

what a great idea.

have you looked at

you should get a few imaginary birkin bags. that's a few thousand dollars.

also, isn't there some louis vuitton bag that costs $30,000?

Anonymous said...

Okay, Chanel suits are hot. In practically every picture I've ever seen of Jacqueline Kennedy, she was wearing one. That much I know.


bikenik said...

What do you think of hats? Will you buy some hats? The royals always wear chic hats so you better include some too!