Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More on Charityspam/bobsgate

After watching Kim's video RE: Vlogbrothers spam thing, and reading the comments, I just realise how fucking brave that is of her! After the post-bobs4kim thing, she becamse the postergirl for 'youtube scam', totally unwarrentedly as she NEVER HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT.

Can I just take a moment to talk about this. Bobs4Kim was an idea that Damien had, which then a LOT of people got behind, myself included. Our idea was to host a 12 hour stickam chat, which people would pay $3 to come into. The $3 was a donation to buy Kim a new computer. Hers had broken and we missed her videos. As a group of friends we thought that would be a cool way to get her online again. There was no suggestion that we were holding out our stickam chat to ransom or something, or that you had to pay to watch our videos... it was just like a little donation to get kim a new computer. If you watched her videos and liked them, and you wanted to help out, that was a way of doing it. Noone asked Kim about it, and she was not involved at all.
That was the whole thing- put $3 into a pot, and we will hopefully raise enough money to get our friend back online. So that it wasn't a boring thing where you got no return on that donation, we had the stickam thing like some sort of party to celebrate it. It was essentially like a 'charity dinner' except really cheap and more fun. The people involved often used Stickam at the time anyway so it wasn't like this was the only opportunity to get to see them on there.

The money raised was a little less than needed for a computer so I think Kim paid the remainder. In any event, afterwards she was villified on youtube for her part in this 'scam'. I have never understood how this could be a scam- it was a fund raiser- the whole thing was explained beforehand to anyone who donated money. You donated $3 and you could come into the stickam chat we were having if you wanted to. THAT WAS IT. If you didn't want to help kim get a new computer, then you didn't donate. The definition of a scam is someone being duped into something. Noone was duped into anything.

After this whole thing, darling Phil of SXEphil decried it on his channel, after being an active part of this whole thing. That was pretty much the time when I stopped talking to him and realised his two-faced 'anything for teh viewz' ways.

The larger youtube community ended up seeing the whole thing as some kind of scam. Damien took months to send Kim the money for some reason, and she was put off making videos after the vicious backlash. I got dubbed 'Paypal-lilies' and was tarred for a while (still, I guess) this 'scam artist' brush.

So yeah. That is the story. I don't really like to even talk about it here because someone who didn't like it will get on the bandwagon of calling me a scammer again.
The argument that there are better causes out there than a friends computer stands perfectly true. There are. But so what? Why don't YOU raise some money for them?


Anonymous said...

You received a huge backlash from it because you're the first woman in modern history to ever get men to open their wallets. If you weren't such a trailblazer, you wouldn't have to worry about these things.

What do you expect? You don't know who Adam Smith is, and you're surrounded by starving artists on YouTube who have portaits of Karl Marx hanging over their beds.

If you let stuff like this worry you for 1 minute, you're going to end up living in a cardboard box.

By definition it's not a "scam". Don't pull a Stephen on me, now.


Kimberl(eigh)y said...

I wasn't worried about the comments on my video or posting the video itself, because obviously if someone references the "Incident of 06" (which was, by the way, over a year ago now!! We've been friends for so long!!! <3)they don't get what happened at all and also they didn't pause to listen to what I was saying in my video... which I knew there would be people like that. I just stopped caring about "yewtoob dramaz" too long ago to care what people would say.

I am not anti-charity obviously because that's what I do at my job, helping the less fortunate, it's my life... I just don't get the point of that whole video campaign? It's anti productive times 1000, just giving someone an oppourtunity to declare that they care about something while discouraging the passive viewer, someone that doesn't get involved and therefore not realize that it's not the same video reposted 1 million times, from watching them because of the identical screenshots It's the same small group of people that will watch more than one, and absorb anything from them, and I don't get how that will do anything.

I don't care that people do it, I would actulaly love to see videos of people showing ways to get involved and do something for the world, I just don't see how this particular way helps. It's not hurting anyone, blah blah blah, but gosh! I'm allowed to have an opinion haha!! I feel bitchy, just because even though it just looks like a "look at me" type thing, I'm sure a lot of people are sincere.

tejayce said...

i can only give you my impressions back then as feedback.

i was watching several people who supported the cause. and the impression they created with me was not "if you want to support kim .. donate"
it was .. "if you want to talk to me .. i will give you an opportunity .. but you have to pay"
so it felt like "using fans", cause fans naturaly often want to get closer to what they are fan of.

i think it was probably one of your vids that explained the whole thing properly to me.

afterwards, when damien took so long to give kim the money, i got real pissed at him. and i would have gone as far as suspecting him to have tricked everyone who helped out, because that kind of delay was not justifiable. so i can imagine that a lot of people thought it was a scam.

Nathan said...

yesterday I did an impromptu questionnaire amongst some friends.

Q. Person on YouTube most likely to stab you in the throat if it would get them views.

A. 3- "wtf are you talking about", 5- "sxephil"

LTS said...

The bobs4kim idea was no different
than an oldskool rent party. The people who were upset reminded me of the religious zelots among us who rant on about the depravity of contemporary society, only to be caught with their proverbial pants down...ah well, they do provide a chuckle every now and again!

ghostwise said...

Project for Awesome totally confused me with the identical thumbnail. Plus most of the video titles don't fit so everything looks like the same video. It's complete pain in the ass when I'm trying to filter which charities might be interesting to me.

I was going to make a video about freerice.com and the free rice club I made on YT but now this whole Charityspam thing makes it a bit of a bad time to put it up.

lejaders said...

The people that labeled this a scam didn't do their research, they were the ones duped into a scam here. They didn't do their research and just went off of assumptions made by others.

Regardless of whether people joined that chat just to talk to you guys or help out Kim that was their choice.

That chat was about a bunch of people that were really popular on youtube using their popularity to help someone else out. Isn't that the way most charities roll?

revilomat said...

I still believe that most of this "Incident of 06" as someone called it, was a result of a few selfish dicks who wanted to get known by attacking a few well known YouTubers. Of course a lot of people jumped the bandwagon, as they always do when videos are featured or in the most discussed list. But if you checked the comments, it was very obvious that a big part of them came from very few people with a lot of fake accounts.

Anonymous said...

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