Thursday, December 13, 2007

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Sitopia Hi Paperlillies

I know you're not really doing the ask the English girl thing anymore but maybe a one of on a really interesting subject could really get some good threads going. I spend ages YouTube arguing points about Michael Jackson, particularly recently as he is releasing a new album.

Hmmmm, actually maybe this is too much of a controversial topic. Let me know what you think.



What?? Michael Jackson is too controversial a topic? The only reason i would not make a video abot how crazy and strange and sad I think the guy is is because one of my best e-friends thinks he's great. And the fact that I don't really care at all.


Pablo Kickasso said...

Good. We wouldn't want to make a certain someone with a haircut named after a state cry.

vclamp said...

And since when did the fact that you don't really care at all stop you from making a video? :P Oh wait, nevermind.

Micheal Jackson -> Britney Spears -> Miley Cyrus??? uh-oh