Saturday, December 29, 2007


So last night I posted like 10 new videos on xplx as you mayor may not have seen. They were all from various holidays from the last year. It was awesome to find them all, I had forgotten about them to be honest, those video files.

But I ended up going to bed at about 6am, and as has been previously stated, my sleep pattern has totally gone to shit lately. I think maybe my brain was tired of be being a vagabond, and so decided to manually shut down on me and gave me a migraine. :( I had a bunch of stuff planned for today but I think I'm just going to go back to bed.


Anonymous said...

That sucks about your sleeping, try being a druggie and drinking Nyquil whenever you want to sleep, my old bff used to do that all the time because she had amnesia or whatever it is that doesen't let you sleep.

I thought it was only one video on xplx, because it only shows one video on the little new video bar, if that makes sense, so yay more new videos!

Justin R. said...

Never trust the little new video bar.

Whenever I get migraines I normally put Tiger Balm on my temples and lay down for an hour. Otherwise I can't function at all. Light, sound, smell, all of it makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

I only got the one in my subs box- i'll go check em out now!

ZipDudeAh said...

Sorry to hear about the migraine. You have gotten into the habit of staying up until early morning hours. You need to break that habit and force yourself to go to bed by Midnight so you can get a good nights sleep. Your body will thank you for that!

And btw, it was a nice treat to watch the xplx videos last night.

Anonymous said...

I saw all of them. I bookmark all of my favorite YouTube broadcaster's video pages.

Lack of sleep will do that. Hope you feel better.

AutomaticTLC said...

Watched all the videos..loved them. Especially the packing one.

streakfreak said...

Poor baby. I hope the migraine didn't last too long. You obviously do need to sort out your sleep pattern. I feel your pain. My own sleep pattern has been total shit for more than a week now. I tried getting myself to fall asleep before 3:30am (I'm due at my job at 8:30am every weekday, so that isn't fun) for a change on Friday night by hitting a sixer of Stella. (The tiny little American-sized ones. 330ml, I think. Not the 568ml/Pint cans.) It worked, I fell asleep before midnight and slept through. But then I kept getting tired and slept all through the day too! This sucks.

Anonymous said...

i think being creative goes with not having amazing sleep patterns. read some aldous huxley to relate to it all; i think that an overactive mind coupled with creativity is a recipe for non-conformity, no matter how english or proper one would like to be. i say one, because this comment might not actually be accurate in your case. but my education says it is.

i don't always agree with you but i genuinely do have concern for you as a human being.

now everyone who reads this will think i'm a fucking crazy person.

w/e though.

vclamp said...

A migraine is probably your body's punishment to you for the way you have been treating her. Be nicer to that lady!

nighty nite!

guess who? said...

Migraines usually mean you are being pushed too hard by others.

They can usually be relieved by masturbation.

ummm... a little ambiguous

enjoy yourself, as it were