Friday, December 21, 2007

Media Frenzy All Up In Here (I am the official Queen of (London) Youtube!)

Where's my crown at, peons?!?!

So.... yesterday was insane. I got called by some people from The Standard, a London Newspaper, which I am about to go buy in the shop, but somehow the article is already online (On my leaast favourite newspaper ever, The Daily Mail) Check out my cheesalicious picture! (Note: I really don't like having people taking my picture.)

This is the dude who took my pictures:

He was really cool and I felt bad that I was totally awkward and kept blinking and shit. I cant even remember what his name was! I suck.

Talking to journalist people on the phone is weird- you don't get the impression that they are interviewing you til they are like 'thats all we need, thanks!' and you realise that preliminary chat was it.

Anyways, check out my saweet comments on the Daily Mail's page:

Sarah, Emma and Jane got my back.
I don't know why they had to choose these clips like I am trying to be some sketch comedy artiste. Whatever. I would have said my channel was primarily video blogging but that's not very exciting sounding.

I like how they have said I have two million youtube hits. Where did they get that figure from!? I have almost NINE million hits you guys. Sheesh.

Eww, I just went and looked at my picture again- I look like a smug asshole! I hope they didn't print it too big.
Side note- I really should make my hair a better colour.

So but ANYWAY, after they came, two guys from London Tonight, a news show in London for ITN came! To interview me for the news! I have no idea why this all happened at once like this but it did so it was like one day of mayhem.

These are the guys who came to interview me- the camera guy was very serious and the interviewer guy was kind of manic, though they were both extremely nice, as what the photographer guy from before- I got the impression that the camera guy (who's name I also can't remember because I am horrific with names and suck a great deal) constantly had to keep Steven (the interviewer who's name I CAN remember) in check because he seemed quite easily distracted. We did this really confusing thing which will probably make perfect sense once its edited together. Then he interviewed me and I did the sign off thing. So hopefully that will be on on Friday (today!) or next friday.


JJC1138 said...

Was Steven on his way to a Reservoir Dogs theme party?

Anonymous said...

Niiiiice. "I have no idea why this happened...." You've reached critical mass, which has been aided by the separate UK channel--best thing that could have ever happened to you.

The equation goes something like: Topical Subject + Talent + Attractive Girl=Media Exposure. It's a time tested formula.
If you continue to wash, rinse, and repeat, agencies like CAA, which does have an office in London, will sign you.

You obviously crush for Bill Murray, so something like SNL could be a lot of fun. It would be a good move for them, and you, I think. Plus, BM and many others obviously made the transition to the screen in various movie genres.

You are a smug asshole--embrace it. It's a cute pic--mouse/rat is a good color for you. Or is it "colour"?


Anonymous said...

That's totally wonderful Bryony!
See the silly big grin on my face,i'm so very VERY Pleased for you!!
Enjoy every moment,you earned it!!!

BadAlbert said...

Mad! I always figured you were headed for stardom! :)

Joff said...

Congratulations on your new found fame Bryony! I'd never heard of you until today *shock* and your vids have made the day go by a little quicker, so cheers :)

ghostwise said...

Congrats! Looks like you had a crazy fun day. It's a strange feeling how when the media focuses on something, a bunch of them jump in at the same time.

NusaCat said...

Don't forget to click View all on those comments. Some of us do have your back!

SimUK said...

"I don't know why they had to choose these clips like I am trying to be some sketch comedy artiste. Whatever. I would have said my channel was primarily video blogging but that's not very exciting sounding."

I've been thinking this for a few months with various people who have been noticed by the media. They always seem to go for the "good but not the best" videos and the "quirky" ones, totally missing the point or seeming to (intentionally) not want to see that the other videos are there. I think you may have commented something like that when you were on Annie Mac's show and they picked audio from your Emo video? I wonder if it's just a coincidence that the media pick these videos or conspiracy of conspiracies maybe they're picking the weird ones so people don't think "wow it's all really good stuff on YouTube, screw you TV and Newspapers!" and they just show the slightly odd "novelty" stuff - strange how whenever YouTube is talked about it seems "lipsync and kittens" is what it always gets labeled with by those describing it...

It's a bit like how they've picked up on the "looks like Britney"... err, well the Britney video was good (again, a good video but not one of your best, as you've said - you just did it on the spur of the moment) and yes you've dressed to look a bit like Britney, but it just seems weird that they latch on to the looks when really you look nothing like her (... and thank f$!* for that!!)

As for it all happening at once, that is really weird, especially all in one day - maybe your Briney and Amy Winehouse videos got sent around in an email and it just happened to reach the right people and peeked their interest.

Anyway, well done and good luck - I'm glad you're getting the recognition you deserve and you really should make the most of it... to think that just a few days ago your "Advice" post on here sounded like you were a bit fed up with how YouTube had changed from what it used to be, but really you're what YouTube is in my mind, and that's so cool! You've only got to look at the Partner Channels page on YouTube to realise how great you are on YouTube - right alongside multi million (or billion) pound companies like BBC, CBS, The Sun newspaper - that's surely got to be making some big companies wonder how you're managing to do so well. So keep it real and do what you do best: being yourself! :)