Friday, December 21, 2007

In the dutch news too!!

Look! I was in a Dutch paper!

thankyou to youtuber musthave86 for sending me the link!!

(side note: did they have to pick the most stoned looking screenshot?!)

(side note 2: I am succesvolle! THE SUCCESS VOLE)

OOH Update- this is the translation:

here's the translation for you!

The queen of youtube.

Amy Winehouse impersonator is a star!

The 24 year old Bryony Matthewman has an enormous fanbase on youtube,thanks to her impersonations of famous stars.
So enormous that she is the queen of youtube.

Some of Bryony's favorite topics are Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse.
Here stagename is Paperlillies.

(thankyou musthave86!)


Anonymous said...

for sure!

vclamp said...

2oth Century Vole was a Monty Python bit.

To do Winehouse, the more stoned the look, the greater the imitation.

DublinDutch said...

You're the best.

Musthave86 said...

You are welcome

The successful(succesvolle) impersonator;)

Butterfly2729 said...

Oh whatever, you're famous for just those 2 videos??... there were loads of people including myself who subbed to you way b4 the wino and spears videos - the ones before are the REAL stuff people like and love!! xx