Monday, December 31, 2007

Leave me alone, stranger!

So, I changed my youtube profile yesterday so it no longer has that paragraph with the whole "I don't know you- I don't want to date you or meet you if you come to London." Cause I thought it was kind of mean. And then TODAY I got an email from some random guy I don't know wanting to meet me when he comes to London. I DON'T KNOW YOUUU!

The thing is, I don't even meet people I DO know that often. It's not like I'm being especially mean by not wanting to meet total strangers who I know nothing about.


streakfreak said...

Maybe you should get together with some of the other uber-popular London Youtubers on a regular basis and do a meet-n-greet in the city. That might be the best way to prevent random characters from popping up in Enfield trying to meet you or see you or whatever. Which may begin happening, now that your name and general location are now so widely known.

I'm not saying you definitely should, just thinking out loud.

Also, you may want to put that paragraph back up. Let's face it, sometimes us guys need it explained very clearly that a girl is not interested. We can be a bit thick about that! :^P

Magick and Science said...

You got that bitten off more than you can umm... swallow feeling?

You don't know much do ya?

WildbillthePirate said...

I want you to make sure that you only are bothered by people you know and want to deal with. Have a conversation with your family & have a plan in case someone actually shows up at your door looking for you. Many folks can be quite charming when they make an effort. Do call the Police if anyone doesn't take no for an answer!

Also, save any correspondence that appears angry,threatening, or is written as if this person is having a relationship with you including the envelope.

I really haven't looked at your other blogs so I never saw the notice. You can say the same thing without sounding mean, just direct.

Becoming a "public figure" opens doors you may not want opened so be aware that you may have, or develop a(n) (un)welcome following. By all means, go out & have as much fun as you can (I do) but be aware. that there are people who become fixated & you want to avoid these folks like the Plague.

All that Aside, I wish for you what I wish for myself: A Happy,Prosperous & Rewarding New Year to you and yours!

Dave said...
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shadx said...

Like Streak and WildBill said.
Regardless of the intentions that's creepy, especially for someone you don't know, even if he's just romantically got his head in the clouds.
At least with a YT gathering you'll have protection with friends though personally I still wouldn't want to announce any little local gatherings.
My mom was in radio for a long time so she had her share of guys doing the same thing, which is why she didn't used her real last name.
I hoped you would've done the same with your media coverage.
It's the SMRT thing to do.
I don't think it's mean for you to put that up. With the position you're in you need to be firm and set it straight; being nicer about it is a choice.