Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kula Shaker

Did you ever write band names all over your school books/bag/blazer/arms? Cause as has been established, my friends were all into music like woah compared to me, and I was really great at doing the Kula Shaker logotype thing. Cuase I liked them a bunch. They were fronted by Crispin Mills (Crispin! hahaha, like crisps.) Um... they sung a load of songs in Indian, or with Indian lyrics. Which was cool. I loved them. I saw them live at the first gig I ever went to with my friends. Which was fun times.

This song ^ reminds me of cassette tapes. It literally makes me feel like I am on a bus listening to this song on my crummy old blue walkman. *sigh*


Guess Who? Magick and Science said...

so did you... get rid of your migraine? hmmmm. sniff

Jason said...

Totally, they're a pretty snazzy hybrid of classic rock, indian, Beatles, and the Dead.

Nick said...

BIG respect Byrony.

Kula Shaker are awesome! Going to see them in Feb. They've reformed and released a new album recently (ala. Led Zep, Take That, and just about every other band that has ever split up in the past 30 years).
You should check some of it out.

JJC1138 said...

I saw them supporting the Presidents of the USA. Beat that. ;-)

butterfly2729 said...

HUSH is so good, such a happy song.. :D