Friday, December 28, 2007

Japanese fasion ad or something

So in looking for some of the stuff I really liked a few years ago, where Takashi Murakami (a japanese artist) worked with Louis Vuitton to make some really cute bags etc, I came across this video that was created to go with the whole thing. it's weird and makes little sense but is sort of cute.


Alison said...

How adorable! I liked that video, and I like reading about shoes n_n

b.c.g. said...
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psycoticsinginchick said...

Aww...her friends don't believe her that she was there and she made new friends that she couldn't bring back with her. That is kinda sad. However she does have the pictures and the designs. I wonder how this went over as a commercial to get you to by things. Most commercials I've seen are like "You should by this because it's awesome!" And this is more like "You should by this as proof that you believe this girl was there so that she will be happy that you believe her story" and yet the entire thing is a cartoon.

It is EXTREMELY cute.

and you're right in that it makes no sense.

Guess Who? Magick and Science said...

LOL "'s weird and makes little sense but is sort of cute."