Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The (Imaginary) $500,000 shopping spree

So Kim came up with this idea to pretend-spend $500,000 on things you can wear (no cars or houses, etc), ie, couture clothing and luxurious shoes. I agreed that this was a good idea. So I started looking around online for these things. I was originally going to do only one blog abour this but I have so far only spend about $5000 or something, and realised it's going to take far longer, so here is part one of the I500kSS.

So I started with, which is a label site, and has the prices you might expect from such. I have e-pretend-shopped there before because, well, I am kind of a dork.

NOTE TO READERS: this is a very long and self indulgent post about my likes and dislikes in the fashion world. It actually is pretty much nothing to do with the above $50oK shopping spree as I went off on a tangent when writing it. So... there you go. I will post about part one of the spree in another blog post. haha... so there you go.

I have loved miu miu stuff ever since I used to see their always-delectable ads (which I used to collect) in Vogue and The Face magazine and such as (hahah, I wrote that in the guise of Miss Teen South Carolina). Their clothes are kind of expensive/classy yet usually have some strange edge that makes them seem kind of cooler (to me) than more fancy name brands. I was kind of annoyed when I found out they are actually a part of Prada, and are named after Miuccia Prada, which just kind of seems a little too self obsessed. But I like the style of those clothes.

Um, other labels I like are Chanel, because the label's persona seems so chic and posh. I know if I were really really rich I would wear Chanel ladies suits.

They are the one label that I actually really covet, despite the trashiness of most of their handbags and the many knock off versions you see of their double-C logo, I love their makeup because it looks so fancy in it's sleek packaging, so much so that I buy it whenever I can at airport duty free kiosks (tax free!). So far I have amassed two lipsticks, one multi-eyeshadow set, two eyeliners and one blusher. They make me feel extra special whenever I use them (which in the case of the eyeliners and the blusher, is often). Plus the eyeliners came with a special Chanel eyeliner pencil sharpener which itself includes a little stick you can detatch to declog it should some eyeliner lead get stuck in it. That is so beautiful to me!! *sigh*

Oh, ok so.... Yeah so far, Chanel and Miu Miu. Um, I also kind of like Fornarina stuff, even though it seems agressivey sporty to me sometimes, I like some YSL stuff but not much. Marc Jacobs stuff is often quite nice. I love Vivienne Westwood, if not for her clothes so much (as... they kind of suck as regular clothes) but for her history and for being a forefather (foremother?) of punk, and for being British and insane. I have a fake Vivienne Westwood bag that I bought (in full knowledge of its fakeness) from Hong Kong on ebay for £36 that I use all the time. If I were rich, I would buy one of her amazing giant dresses that look like wedding dresses from the apocalypse.

I also like a lot of Alexander McQueen's insane runway stuff, even though as a person he seems to hate all women (he is gay). There is something about a lot of his stuff which seems really mysogynistic to me.

This is a dress that the top part is made of metallic glass shards! and the skirt ismade of huge feathers!

Junya Watanabe makes amazing things that are totally unwearable in the real world, but that seem to be some sort of insane vision of the future. He makes clothes out of crazy materials that create new materials.

I like them, as wearable art pieces. If I went to the Oscars, I would want to wear something he made. Or actually, him or Hussein Chalayan, who makes amazing 'dresses' that do insane things. Like this one which is a table that becomes a dress, or another which was made out of a bunch of metal and motors and would change into a different style of dress at 'the touch of a button'. They are really pioneering and interest me beyond looking pretty. And if I had a spare $500,000 to spend on clothes, I would be the kind of person who would buy a table-dress cause I fucking well could afford to.

Here's more about him.

Check out these video dresses!!

OK this post is reeeeally long and I have not so far spent any imaginary e-money. More in the next blog post!!

For anyone bored of this fashion talk, um... feed the fish?


Anonymous said...

That was funny, because I glossed over the post, then fed the fish, only to read your last sentence after that fact.

TomGoon said...

for unwearable see Gareth Pugh. or any Jeremy Scott lately. Personally I always love the Filipa K print ads, and Margaret Howell. I would be straight there with my $500k

Actually I did see someone out in some Gareth Pugh once. He looked like a giant caterpillar.

streakfreak said...

This is such a chick post.
I just felt the need to point that out.

Hope you had a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Can we men just buy a few Armani business suits and a Rolex, and spend the rest on sporting goods so that we can play the game too?


coco chanel said...

You would look...absolutely fabulous in our Suits...DAHHLLING!