Saturday, December 22, 2007

I was also in the London Lite!

posted a video from the London apple store and showed a bit of the London Lite (a free paper you get handed in the street in Central) which is about me too!!


Leon Westbrook said...

Congrats on the publicity blitz Bryony.

(I hope i spelled your name right, I keep on misspelling it)

SimUK said...

Go on Stickam Bryony, meet all your fans and stuff (and I just want to ask random questions about all this whirlwind of news!!)

Anonymous said...

You could have warned us about the volume. But, you probably thought it would be funnier for us to experience it for ourselves. sigh.

sorryimlate said...

Havent visited your blog for a bit, but was on the tube last night and saw you on London Lite - I couldnt believe it! You are now properly kinda famous! Madness!

Well done Bryony!

crick14 said...

My my, aren't we getting famous? Well done, you deserve it! You know, you introduced me to the whole YT community. Never knew about vlogging till I stumbled across your accents video and then watched all your others. Keep up the good work!