Friday, December 21, 2007


I am also hearing that I was on GMTV too! I WANT TO SEE IT! I wonder what the presenters said about me. I bet they acted all bemused and 'huh! modern day shenanigans!'


Do it PL! said...

Darn woman , if you're not bothered about having your name splashed in all the worlds media for heavens sake put the video back up!!

I couldn't get enough of the smug TV presenter.

Oh, and that cameraman looks like he really loves his job.

julian said...

what? i missed a video? darn it! could you put the video back up pleeaaaase? (i'm begging you)


NusaCat said...

A few minutes of research says GMTV translates to morning TV show, sort of like the Today show in the US. I'm sure there are differences.

Anonymous said...

:D When Richard and Judy talked about me, Judy was all 'hmm, isnt she a bit sad?'
They don't GET our shenanigans!