Sunday, December 30, 2007

harshly tagged Lohan music

Hahaha, I was listening to iTunes, and because I had turned on, when Ashley Simpson came on, it linked me to other similar artists. One of whom was Lindsay Lohan! I don't remember her releasing an album! Anyway, so I checked out the page for her, and lolled at the tags on there. Awful meaningless pop.


Tucker said...

That's funny!

But yeah she had two albums, good songs were
Black Hole
I want You to Want Me

ch-check it out on itunes!

Tucker said...

By the way I am glad that you changed your Paperlilies icon to the Britney video, that's better than the Wino one.

psycoticsinginchick said...

In response to Tucker, who says that she had good songs. Ok, maybe those were her only good songs, but those were all covers of songs that were previously written and done by someone else. Which only helps prove how stupid her own music is. I don't know why she decided she wanted to sing, but she should stop.

Tucker said...

Uh, only the last song was a cover. The other three were all original songs.

But yeah, anybody with enough money or fame can make "good" (which is very different for me than for most people, haha)
I don't think Lindsay Lohan has any real musical talent, but I still like some of her songs.