Saturday, December 08, 2007


In response to 'Mark C's comment from that blog post about the Blog Readability thing,

"Damn, that "cash advance loans" thing is pathetic!

It looks like you're ready to do anything for money. I didn't know you were THAT greedy and filthy...

It's the same for everything. Once the money comes in, the magic disappears. Your vids were better before you started making a business out of YouTube.

You'd better find a job and return to your roots: doing videos for the FUN of it. It isn't really funny watching you anymore...

This might sound harsh, but it's my opinion. Sorry."

Well Mark, first of all, that came up as part of the HTML code that I copy-pasted from that site, and unless I rewrite that HTML (which I am not about to do) I guess it's gonna stay there.

I don't really see how even if I DID put an ad on the end of my blog it would be especially 'greedy and filthy'. I have Adsense ads on this page, like most blogs and websites. You aren't obliged to pay anything or click on them to read my page or watch my videos. Nor are you obliged to look at this blog or watch those videos.

As for finding a job and returning to my roots (my roots??) I actually DO have a job, which accounts for the lack of video making lately, because I AM busy and I am finding it something of a stretch to make videos lately.

As it stands, I make videos because I want to make videos - getting paid is awesome because I DO love to make cool videos and it certainly has made me want to keep at it, which is good, what with all the negativity that people like to throw around.

Maybe you don't like the ones I have made recently, but I have not had the time or energy to put into making them. I hope to make a bunch of cool ones in the weeks over christmas when I will have the time. If you don't want to stick around and watch them, I really don't care- unsubscribe.

The cool people and the awesome friends I have made through youtube are what keeps me keeping on. They are why I love youtube. I don't make videos for as many views (and therefore revenue) as I possibly can- I am not some kind of sxephil video whore who will make videos about whatever will get the most views- if I wanted to do that, I could be a HotForWords type, and just pretend to make a point whilst showing my tits. I know that's what 'sells' on youtube, and it would be an easy way to make a quick buck. And I am not about to go balls out and do that.

So if you don't like my videos anymore, please, unsubscribe from me. I would appreciate it. And the same goes for anyone else who hates my videos or thinks they aren't as good as they used to be. I make videos for myself, and for my internet friends. I owe you nothing.

(but I love you if you like my videos and are nice to me)


Bach said...

Ha, I love the phrase "balls out."

Andy123321999 said...

might aswell not listen to these people.
the psychodynamics of an internet troll is especially difficult to establish.
And probably commenting on their msgs or posts is just what they want.

JJC1138 said...

If you did want to take that ad out it's really trivial in this case: just replace the code with:

<a href=""><img style="border: none;" src="" /></a>

I think it's lousy that they put that ad in there without mentioning it. It's only there to make that site look popular to search engines because so many people link to it.

JJC1138 said...

Oh, and on the quality of your recent videos: a couple of your recent ones are some of my absolute favourite videos on t'Tube. The magic is still very much in effect.

Anonymous said...

Bryony, I've been thinking about your art and shipping costs and stuff. How about taking postcards and painting them with watercolors. I know its probably not your medium of choice...But it could be a very personal and economical way for us to obtain paperlilies stuff.

LOL maybe even colored pencils or crayon might work! I think it would be fun to work on a smaller scale.

mememolly said...

i like your videos and i'm usually mean to you, but i like you too! :]

Nathan said...

critics are AWESOME!!!

I like your videos

I like your blogs

I like you


free content is amazing sometimes

Anonymous said...

one of the main reasons i subscribe to you is because you have integrity. he didn't really think about what he was saying, did he, eh? bit like a vulture circling your posts or something...

2 comments in one day, i'll stop now.


GrimBrin said...

Ignore the critiques they can often stem from the fustrations of the less talented.

Kruegervision said...

You make great videos and write a great blog its fun to read. Keep up the great work. You can`t never make it right for some people. But like them as you already wrote if they don`t like it don`t watch it they should unsubscribe to you. Ignore those comments they are just jealous that you make good videos that people like to watch and they don`t.
Have a great weekend
Vorweihnachtliche Grüße from Germany

streakfreak said...

I am really glad you still make your videos despite the ungrateful idiotic trolls you constantly have to deal with.

I clicked on that link earlier because I thought it'd put a bit of dosh in your pocket. That was a waste of time ehh... :^)

Anonymous said...


Come on! Don't let nitwit comments rattle you. Getting paid and making good vids aren't mutually exclusive. If you listen to these underachieving Communists, you'll end up leading a shit life.

It's probably just some dude with no cash who hasn't had a date in--well, ever.

Do whatever you want. These purists will be doing your gardening someday.


Viktor said...

People are such meanie-faces.

Not that I love everything you do (but most of it), I just think people should be nicer.

I'll bake you cookies tomorrow.

NusaCat said...

I'm cool. I love you too. Make more videos!

Anonymous said...

mememolly is everwhere.

Anonymous said...

by the way, Toss in your brothers wishlist too. he's a good guy. I will have my new debit card soon.

Zack said...

I'm gonna start the "Balls Out For Paperlilies!" campaign. Come on, guys! We can all do it if we put our monkey brains together!

bikenik said...

Mark C must have been having a bad day...You are a rare gem Paperlilies,
you are loved by many including me.

Keep on creating for as long as you can, its the highest order of things.

Viva Bryony, Viva Paperliles!

Anonymous said...

Love to see how you wasted him Bryony.But don't let jerks who think they own a piece of you for watching your videos waste your time!It's a privilege (not a right) to be able to share in a piece of your life in video now and then and the choice to continue making videos is entirely YOURS.As for making money,the most you usually get from us is the time it takes to write a comment.So any little advert to click (if we choose) just gives us a chance to reward you in a very small way for all of your freely given time, generosity of spirit and hard work.

psycoticsinginchick said...

Preach it to the Choir, Girl!

It's what I've been saying for years! Do it for you! Whatever floats your boat is what matters, not following the crowd, or whatever.

Alexandrou said...

I think you are cool PL. That is all.

Magick and Science said...

"I am not some kind of ... video whore who will make videos about whatever will get the most views"

if you really believe that you have a very low level of self awareness