Saturday, December 08, 2007

Blog Readability

On Andrews blog, he linked to this site which rates your blog's readability, and so I checked mine. Apparently it has the readability level of an undergrad?
So, any dropouts, I am afraid you gotta go.
haha juuuust kidding <3

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Aryfusee said...

I checked it two seconds ago, it said "College : Postgrad"

You're improving.

Anonymous said...


I think it might have been the "blingee" thing that brought your Blog readability down. Otherwise, there is little doubt that a proper English woman like you would have achieved PhD status.

I don't know, Papes, it might be time to up your game. Either that, or we can all shun the trappings of adult life and act like 13 year olds. I'm okay, either way.


Anonymous said...

I and the two other biggest nerds in my college shared a house our senior year. We generated such a synergy of nerdiness that we started a blog after we graduated because we wanted our little thing to live on in cyberspace.

I'm the PoMo of the group and I think my last post included a very brief Lacanian interpretation of David Lynch's "The Alphabet."

Kevin likes to write 1500 word tracts on economics and computer programming. He's gotten into pages and pages of argument with honest-to-God economists in the comment section of his posts. One, if I remember right, teaches at an Ivy League school.

We once got into a spirited fight over what's the greatest preposition in the English language.

It turns out we write at a junior high level.

Junior high.

Junior high.

I give up. But thanks for the link, anyway. You'll get honorable mention in my suicide note.

tlg847 said...

Turns out my blog is written at the Junior High School level...which is pretty much where my mind is most of the time!

Mark C. said...

Damn, that "cash advance loans" thing is pathetic!

It looks like you're ready to do anything for money. I didn't know you were THAT greedy and filthy...

It's the same for everything. Once the money comes in, the magic disappears. Your vids were better before you started making a business out of YouTube.

You'd better find a job and return to your roots: doing videos for the FUN of it. It isn't really funny watching you anymore...

This might sound harsh, but it's my opinion. Sorry.

manapa99 said...

Damn that's why everything doesn't make sense...
makes sense lol

guess i gotaa come back in a year or so. lol

Linear Zap said...

@ mark c:

This "pathetic" cash advance loans ad comes with the "blog reading level" image. Paperlilies didn't add the ad herself. So quit bitching, yeah?

BadAlbert said...

Mine is 'genius'. Read it and weep baby.

NusaCat said...

Ah iz eh collage graduite!

bikenik said...

It doesn't take much to be at college level anymore - what with high school grade inflation people are now saying that the Bachelor of Arts today is what a HS diploma was in the past.

psycoticsinginchick said...

Well my blogger account is only Highschool, My Myspace Profile is College undergrad, but my Myspace Blog is Genius!

How I managed all that, I may never know!

H.I.C.T. said...


The result for my blog was something really weird...


...and it's weird because almost all my post are in spanish (here you need to imagine my incredulous face).

So, how does this test knows about the reading level of my blog on a spanish context?


bikenik said...

Ideally one would want their readability to be at a lower level so that it would be accessible to a greater number of people.

To be at Genius level is to imply only genius's can decipher what it is that you are trying to say. Why would you want that?