Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Zelda, it's been a good time...

I finished Zelda last night! I was sort of sad. It was a good game, and not too short I guess. The 5 or so times you have to go to the same damn dungeon were annoying. Also annoying was I didn't know you could actually kill those phantom guys til I got to the VERY END OF THE GAME!! So I kept having to be all Solid Snake (haha, 'Dave') around them, thus taking forever and ever to get through that same dungeon I had to do 5 times. Which was annoying and sucked.

The touch screen works great on this game, its not used in a gimmicky way at all. It also makes aiming at things SO much easier. I hate having to aim with regular controls, so this is sweet! And as you pick up the various items and weapons in the game, they are each pretty perfectly worked out for the touchscreen. I was super psyched to finally get the grapple hook thing (hook shot I know). You get to grab onto two things, thus creating a tight rope you can stand on or travel over or avoid things with, instead of just the usual grab something and fly over to it sort of deal.

Uh.... I did really enjoy myself playing this, but I feel kind of sad now that I have finished it. The end boss was kind of boring really. It wasn't super hard, and then you have this weird end bit where you have to fight your captain who is posessed (sorry if thats too much of a spoiler). Which seemed a bit tacked on and pointless. Also (ok proper spoiler here) it all turns out to have been a dream!! Or, not quite a dream, but it happened in another realm and crap, and so it has no consequence on reality afterall.

Another gripe I have is that the big boss guy didn't have any sort of reason for being bad other than he just is, and I know it's a kids game or whatever, but it wasn't even slightly explained. You just have to kill Bellum to save the girl. That's it. As far as I could tell anyway. Which is like some sort of arcade game from the 80s. Kill the bad guy because he is a bad guy. I mean, ok it's not really that big of a deal, but usually these things have such long, thought out processes behind why they are bad, why they have to kill you (usually to unleash some kind of force/power/hell, etc). This had no reasoning at all.
But who needs it, it's just a game anyway, so I am just being picky.

Oh yeah I stupidly called my character Bryony, and then it gets referred to as a boy the whole way through, which is my fault for not just calling him Link or something in the first place, but it was annoying!! Why do they even give you that choice?

As with most Zelda games (it seems to me) there is a HUGE amount of time spent at sea, going to and fro, trying to work out what to do next. Which wasn't too annoying I guess, but it was when you didn't know what to do as it takes up so much time, going back and forth between islands.

A nice little thing you can do in this is write on the map. The map is always on the top screen as you play, and you just push the down button and it goes onto the lower screen, wherein you can make notes, draw things (like pirates and whirlwinds!) on the various maps. I really like that feature, and it made the game a lot more interactive and personalised-ish.

I liked the revelation of each sea scroll, allowing you to go into other waters you hadn't been to before. And I liked finding random other islands where there'd be some mini-game or whatnot to play.

I got a bit irritated with the 'treasure' maps. Each one you come across reveals an X on the map, where you can go and check out with your sea-hook arm thingy. SO you do, and you have to go through a boring process of avoiding ruining it by bashing into these WW2 mine-fish things. to get to the bottom, grab the treasure chest, and then pull it up again, avoiding things again. Its such a rigmarole, and when you get it out, you have.....! A ship part! That's all it ever is! And noone seemed to want to buy them anywhere! It seems you can trade them with other people via linking up and all that, but in-game it is a real hassle. There should have been atleast a few actual treasurey treasures that were worth it.
Having said that, you can change your ship to look different, and if you can get a whole set together of matching parts, your ships defence goes up. But meh, big whup. More rupees please.

What else?...
(ps, sorry this is so higgldey piggledey. I wrote it half at work and half at home and don't want to rewrite it)

I really liked so much of this game, but having to go back to the same dungeon you start with is SUCH a pain. It does change each of those 5 times, but it is still the same place, and it only changes a little bit each time. It is a real mark against it. At times I looked up online if I did actually have to go back there because I just couldn't believe that I really did! It smacks of laziness and a rush job. There was space to have atleast a few more islands for a couple more dungeons, which would have really made it that much better.

Overall... I would say this game is worth getting if you already are into the whole Zelda thing, and even if you aren't familiar, it is a good game, but do be warned it has a couple of repetetive things, which in some random game wouldn't count against it so much, but this is Zelda we're talking about here!!

I guess.... 6 and a half out of 10. Maybe 7. Ok maybe 7 and a half.


AndyDrew said...

You should have named Link "ese" and then it would have been like everyone was talking spanish :P

tlg847 said...

6.5...stick with your first impression. You're too nice.

Stan said...

I always play as Fucker. "Hey Fucker!" constantly pops up on the screen. In Ocarina of Time you meet a Goron named after you..."Your name is Fucker too! You must be the legendary Fucker!" 10 years later it is just as funny.

Freaky Z said...

well, you do have to be all solid snake until the last time you go to the level, cause you can only hurt them once you have the super-sword-of-ultimate-powerz

Alexandrou said...

Oh I do enjoy your little reviews and as mentioned before you are being too kind to Zelda. What sort of game has a character that cant speak, like c'mon. Link is just a boring little guy who enjoys saving princesses and swinging a sword about...but each to their own. I recommend some final fantasy to you, my favourite is 8. Its a more character driven story.

Anonymous said...

6 1/2? thats funny,cause thats what i rate u.
Im kidding. your a 8 easy ;D