Thursday, November 29, 2007

Woolworths Ramraid!

This morning I read this article in The Metro (this free newspaper you get on the train in London)

I laughed out loud repeatedly- it kind of gave me the giggles! I just love that the guy drove in and out of the store over and over again, and then ran away! Like he had some huge beef with Woolworths and his rage manifested itself as him driving into and out of the window. And he got out of the car instead of driving away. And he stole nothing either! Its like he just has a problem with the pick'n'mix or something.


Anonymous said...

Gives new meaning to drive through. Hmmm.

NusaCat said...

Maybe he couldn't find a parking spot?

H.I.C.T. said...


Hum, he couldn't choose a Walmart instead?


Anonymous said...

More than likely, he just wanted to expedite his Christmas shopping. There should be no penalty for having the Christmas spirit.


Meg said...

wholy so many posts! i love it! :)

i really like this side of "paperlillies" it's more bryony and more fun. TY!

John said...

Ooh, that brings back terrible memories of hiring a car to visit my parents and leaving it parked in the High Street, forgetting to put the handbrake on... As I walked away I heard a crash and turned to see the car had rolled backwards though the local Woollies window.

This one wasn't me though... :-)

Little Miss TBA said...

"Hum, he couldn't choose a Walmart instead?" ~ h.i.c.t.

haha i second that

shadx said...

or maybe it was a couple of minutes before the end of a big sale?

Anonymous said...

That's crazy... Hopefully no one was hurt in the store. Makes you wonder why people do things like this. Like the girl in Chicago that tried to commit suicide by running traffic lights, instead of taking her own life she took the lives of 3 musicians.

I like this BLOG and your fish too, it's better than the one you have on MySpace because I can read it even though I'm not in your circle of MySpace friends.