Saturday, November 10, 2007

This post is horrible so don't even read it.

I don't like to be depressing, but I just was reading about this.
A bunch of asshole kids videoed their gang rape of some girl, including spitting on her and setting her hair alight. Then they sold it on DVD a their school and called it 'Cunt: The Movie'.

Ugh. The crime is horrible, the world sucks, and I hate everyone.
I don't even feel that outraged about how they only got 9 months of therapy instead of any actual jail time- I feel more sad at the fact that this ever happened. What drove them to do this?? What makes people go along with these things? Why are people such assholes? Is it porn on the internet (which, god love it and all, but it's so regularly mysogynistic and foul). Is it the 'glorification of violence' perpetuated by Jackass and that Welsh version of Jackass which was even worse? Is it the way everyone wants to be included in something so they go along with people's stupid ideas and then the ideas get out of control and snowball into these sort of things? Is it a symptom of things like Goatse and that woman 'giving birth' to a dead octopus. (rant deleted here. maybe another day I'll go into what I think about that)

I can't believe these things happen. Maybe the world isn't getting worse, it's just that it seems like it is because even though maybe these things always happened, we just didn't always know about them before the internet.

But the fact of it is, these kids did this crime to make a video of it, to sell to their schoolfriends. Which makes me think less of the world.


Chris said...

I haven't seen that yet, and don't really plan on it, but you're right. The world sucks and I'm tired of it. I thought it was US society but apparently it's everywhere.

Chris said...

Don't forget PL, it's people like you that offset that sort of thing! Anytime I need a grin I watch you and your brother doing you Porkchops video. :) Keep it up, you help make the world a better place to live in!

Malik said...

A big part of it is mob mentality. Some of those boys may not even be all that bad. They may just be weak and easily led, eager to prove themselves, and they go along with a worse lot and do some horrible things. Some of them may turn out to be pretty decent people in the end, after the rehabilitation they're forced to do.

That thought makes me feel a bit better about stories like that. It's better than wishing I could beat the living shit out of all of them with a baseball bat. That thought isn't very healthy or productive.

Linear Zap said...

Actually (and unfortunately), I think these kinds of things have happened since the first humans were born.

Of course, nowadays we live in "civilized" societies, so it'd be logical to think that this wouldn't be likely to happen anymore - but internet porn, violence on TV and stuff like that certainly contribute to a "corruption" of youth.

Man, I sound like an old lady. But still.

Anyway, violence on TV doesn't make ALL guys rape girls... So my take on it is that these guys were weak and could be easily led, like Malik said. I absolutely condemn what they've done, but I can't help feeling pity for them.

...And what makes it really worse to me is the video. Rapes (again, unfortunately) have always existed, but selling a video of it is just totally sick. That's the dark side of money's force...

Anonymous said...


From my experience, this sort of otherwise unimaginable thing usually stems from a bad relationship (really bad), (really, really, really bad) with their mothers. The guys I've known who were most misogynistic either had mothers who were cheaters, drug addicts, harlots or abandoned them. Or, their mothers were regularly beaten by their fathers/boyfriends. If you grew up angry at and not respecting your mother, there's almost anything you'll do to some girl who's willing to give you and your friends head--simulatenously.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, what bothers me the most about these stories is my own lack-of-reaction. I know I should be weeping or vomiting but it's all beginning to feel like business as usual. It's all just so numbing.

I don't think "Jackass" has much to do with it. It might not have happened without that show giving its stunt / film cue but ultimately it can't be blamed any more than the invention of the video camera.

I think pornography has everything to do with it. Pornography's impact on popular culture was my old feminism professor's central focus and it's been a matter of personal curiosity for me ever since. Anything even remotely related to sexual intercourse often takes a backseat to control and degradation. If a porn website offers videos that all center around making a girl drink a glass of some man's urine, where's the sex in that? Of course men only use pornography for sexual gratification, so what's getting them off must be the humiliation and violence itself. What's really, truly disturbing is just how mainstream this is all getting. Women would be shocked to hear how groups of college-age men talk about these kinds of things (in front of perfect strangers, as though it's taken for granted that you're into this kind of thing too) when none of them are around.

I don't think misogynistic even begins to cover it. It's downright sociopathic and pornography allows men to associate sexual pleasure with these things through lived experience.

Anyway, back to your post, I guess the bottom line is I don't get it either. If I could understand stuff like that I think I would have understood it by now and it's getting to the point where I'm happy to just leave it all over my head.

BadAlbert said...

Some people have always been cold and cruel, including kids. I think what is new is that somehow it has become almost normalised, and that any form of morality, compassion, or the notion of consequence is lacking, and that this is passed on to kids who are thus themselves not cared for, to become feral little thugs who cannot even begin to consider thinking about how such actions are so utterly repugnant. There seems to be an erosion of the most basic humanity taking place. Evidenced in the initial crime being seen as and becoming mere entertainment. That is depressing.

shadx said...

last anonymous, it's not just men, it's both sexes; I'm talking about the consensual ewwy porn stuff.

What also is revolting is that "The judge said placing the boys in a rehabilitation program was not the "easy option"."
Bullshit. They're old enough to know exactly what they're doing and they should be tried as adults.
rehab IS the easy option for them and unless they physically show them a numerous amount of women who have been victimised by this and how they've ended up they might consider what they've done as terrible. Otherwise they could just be sitting their shrugging their shoulders until they get out.

I remember seeing a news report on how these kids video-taped an autistic kid getting gang-beaten in a locker room. He was crawled up in a ball and over 10 kids were kicking and hitting him. What TF

You can't keep watch over delinquents 100% of the time, so I hope we can just have healthier environments and families so there are less delinquents growing up.
I'm all for freedom of speech and press and all, but we need to get back to having an ethical decency of what is shown, and still, even if tv and cable was more strict like that, the internet is everywhere. It's confusing; Freedom vs Censorship...bah

Anonymous said...

Society in general is slowly degrading. As advanced as we are, we are slowly going to destroy ourselves until we are living in a new version of the dark ages.

Joseph said...

This world is so sad today I want to have kids myself someday but for the state of the world I almost don't want to bring any kids into it.

Joseph said...
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NusaCat said...

That it happened in the first place is awful. But how to handle it isn't easy either. Throwing a bunch of kids, even evil kids, in jail and letting them rot into career criminals isn't quite the right thing either, although that's what would have happened in the USA's legal system. The judge may have made the right decision in the circumstances. That doesn't make it suck any less.

Anonymous said...

Link to the dead octo thing plz.
I got a semi just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

That actually happened where I live.
The whole intention as soon as it hit the media was for these boys to get off. Most of them are underage.
The story makes me sick, but its not the first thing like this to ever happen and it sadly wont be the last.
It highlights the injustice in this world and the poor parenting that is going on in society.
so depressing..

- caragh

tlg847 said...

Media and technology amplify the ancient human tendencies toward cruelty and mob-ism. Now that any of us can document how cool-cruel we can be, this kind of crime will likely grow. What to do?

Education and shame. Education about the fundamentals of human interaction and relationships. Shame, a highly unpopular notion, helps keep a culture from destroying itself. Both of these "solutions" have to start at an early age and be continued forever at home, at school and in the public square.

Grovie said...

I'm reading this a bit late, but like everyone else's sentiments, don't give up hope on everyone. Don't let the couple bad apples ruin the bushel (besides, with most of those good apples we can make pie!)