Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sex & The City

I really don't care for Sex And The City. I hate how unfeasable it all is, how stereotyped each of the main characters are, and how foot-like Sarah Jessica Parker's face is.

I hate how women seem to relish stating how much like one of the characters they are, and how the show seems to presume that all women in some way, fit into the boxy stereotypes portrayed by each of them.

I used to watch it but I don't actually remember which character is which. You have the main one, who is obsessed with SHOEZ AND HANDBAGZ AND FASHION! and is supposed to be some sort of base for womanhood. she's the most normal one. She spends all her money on 'omgshoes!' and writes about men all day long. She's totally weird looking yet shares none of the actual day to day paranoia most women have of thinking they look weird. She just gets on with her life and all that. Which is admirable and all, don't get me wrong, its just unrealistic. She's nothing like a regular person!

The whorey one! She just loves to have a bunch of sex with whoever. She's everyone's naughty sides!! She just takes what she wants and doesn't care what anyone thinks of her!! Except you know, she really has feeelinggsss underneath it all eventually. Even when she 'has sex like a man!' (ie, she doesn't care so much about any of the people she sleeps with) Which, if you think about it for more than 2 nanoseconds, is really insulting to men to assume that.

The meek one who JUST WANTS TO GET MARRIED AND HAVE BABIES!!! That is the entirety of her character.

The businesswoman!! Who discovers she has a womb and wants to have a bebeh because thats her womanly role. HOW WILL SHE JUGGLE CARREER AND MOTHERHOOD?! ITS THE QUESTION WE ALL FACE, LADIES!

I have issues with the show because all the characters are so one dimensional to me. You have 'regular girl' who just likes shoes and worrying about men. Great initial stereotype. Then you have businesslady/mom because thats what all businessladies worry about right??? making sure they don't waste those Harvard eggs of theirs. You have whorey lady because if a woman character is into sex in any way whatsoever it has to shape their entire personality, and you have 'I just want to marry someone and have babies' robot lady.

I don't identify with any of these freaks!!! Sure they have some similarities with me, I do like shoes I suppose. I'd never spend £400 on a pair though. But there it ends. I don't see how or why so many people really feel like it epitomises their life! Maybe other people really DO live lives like the characters in the show. I know I don't.

this is incoherent- I dont really have any structure to this, but yeah. I think that show sucks and I hate that it is admired by sensible people.


Anonymous said...

TV is basically the suck. I'd recommend YouTube, but you clearly that that under control ;-)

At least Sex and The City is over though, it was truly the last vestage of sucking of the greatness of NYC before we needed the break. Now "How I Met Your Mother" does it very bloody well, in a sorta post-friends bars-are-actually-better-than-coffee-houses way.


shadx said...

I was subjected to this show during a relationship. I even got to the point where I thought "This ain't as bad as I thought" (but that whole period was a low point) but I think the show has had a moderate effect on young women's attitude towards men in the past 5ish years.
The subject has come up lately from different places and people (irl) I read an article where a feminist was saying a larger number of women have become much more materialistic, status obsessed, and much more picky in regards to finding a man with the highest priority of them having "trophy" quality like the little dogs they dress up and carry around in their purses. Being near downtown it's pretty easy to see that, and you'll still see a 5th of women wearing those ugly bug-eyed glasses that Paris re-introduced. (but it IS a midwest city so...)
I think there are some out there questioning like "which S&C character am I most like?" (If you were a typical modern city woman wouldn't you have certain aspects from each of them? Isn't that the point?) "Are my circle of friends like...?" "Ooh he's cute but I would never know how to ask him to shave his back..."
I always thought JP got run over by a truck when she was a kid. I wonder if she snores.

Little Miss TBA said...

hmm I enjoy watching that show. I agree with you that it's pretty unrealistic but I think the idealistic world it created is admiring for people like me who wants to live at the higher end of the latter in my future (I'm a student right now). Also, I don't think the purpose of the show was to depict the reality of life and its problems. I regard it as an enjoyable, entertaining, and stylish show to watch in the after hours at the end of a long, stressful day.

zombiejesus said...

Tooth still hurtin huh ;)

BadAlbert said...

I think that each of the main characters could have been replaced by different coloured parakeets and nobody would notice as long as they wore the latest fashions and spoke the proper aspirational language. 'I'm an independent and sexy parakeet and so are you' etc. Is that the time?

Paul said...

Look, every woman is one of the characters on Sex and the City. It's a been proven numerous times in laboratory trials involving gerbils.

It's SCIENCE, Bryony!!!!!

And how DARE you make fun of Sarah Horse-ica Parker's face???

I don't know why you're so worked up about this anyway. Maybe you just need to buy a purse, or have a baby or something.

tejayce said...

i guess its pointless telling you this .. i just have to because im a freak .. hehe.

1) the impression we have of other people is always wrong (at least in some way or another).

2) you should apply a few scientific rules to your life. or lets say logic.

most people dont .. and thats why they either find contradictions not contradictory, accept contradictions as given, or they wonder all their life how it´s possible. (omissions excepted :P)

if A is not B .. but B is present. then there is no A.
or in other words ... if "sex in the city" sucks .. sensible people wont watch it. if someone watches it .. that person cant be sensible .. or .. sex in the city does not suck .. or .. the whole "rule" is wrong .. and "beeing sensible" has nothing to do with "choosing to watch sex in the city" for example it could be solely emotional (emotions are hardly sensible ;)
personaly .. i think sensible people simply dont have a TV .. hehe .. but i digress ..

we have a tendency to generalize the traits of people. good/bad, friend/asshole .. thats black and white thinking, it makes life seem easy. but the truth is .. its not ;)

tejayce said...

what i was trying to say *lol* ...
maybe this is the first observation of many to come, which will change your impression of those "sensible people". just pay attention and you will see ;)

Allura-Mike said...

Never seen it myself and don't feel that I've missed out on anything =)

Jason W said...

All hail Bryony's insightful rants!

I've always found SATC to be just another one of those shows you zone out to for 29 minutes. I do rate it above reality shows and sensationalist current affairs shows though :)

On the topic of women identifying with one of the characters: If you don't, you're not the target audience. Unfortunately it seems far too many have pigeon-holed themselves into one of those characters. Anyway, I digress.

Anonymous mentioned HIMYM, probably my favourite sitcom still in production. I hope the season 3 airs here (Australia) soon.

Kimberleigh said...

What makes it likeable is that people can find parts of themselves in the characters, because like it or not, stereotypes are stereoptypes for a reason. You haven't watched it enough to see more of the depth, because it's a good show, and you end up caring about what happens to the characters. I like it! And it's tv! The same thing that Survivor is vomited out of.

Zack Zackingston the fourth said...

Bryony's right. Kimberly's wrong.
The End. :-P

equus said...

I think like... in my case it's that I sometimes watch these shows because they seem to be so much simpler than my actual life. ;) It's just cool to watch these one-dimensional dillemas and be able to solve them so quickly. Still... I've never watched an episode of Sex and The City, hahahha. :P

CatchFlipsidE said...

I haven't seen Sex And The City in forever, but I remember each of the characters you are talking about. Really enjoyed reading this one.

Anonymous said...

You were raised properly, Paperlilies. Count yourself among the blessed.


Samantha Jones said...

It's HILARIOUS! Plus it's well written and well produced.

Perhaps you are a virgin who can't relate to the scenarios depicted?

You need to fall in love. That'll make you happy.

Anonymous said...

What always annoyed me the most about that show is that it's so relentlessly "New York." New York is properly cosmopolitan in the "Daydream Nation" kind of way. The city is of course a huge cultural hub but I think this has everything to do with its diversity and profound "melting pot" ethos. The whole point of being culturally astute is to be able to engage a variety of perspectives and this rash of "NEW YORK IS COOLER THAN ALL" and New Yorkers talking like "I'm cool because I live in New York!" is pretty tedious and reeks of being lame enough to need to get your hip from your surrounding environment. The show tends to appeal to folks who're defensive and unsure of themselves enough to call the sexual history of its critics into question. Also, to hell with the Yankees.

I think the show does have a real tendency to dress up post-feminism in a feminist garb, which is pretty insidious.

If you like the show then you like the show, there's no point in arguing matters of taste. Like Bryony, I'm guilty of liking CSI and that show's awful. Kim's right, it's just TV.

Anyway, the opinions of a rigorously celibate Ohioan male....