Saturday, November 24, 2007

Reuploading and other video sharing websites

In a bid to spread myself ever further over the internets, I have started to upload some of my 'greatest hits' to other websites aside from youtube. I will update the links to the right hand side of this blog as and when it's appropriate.

So far I have put the original Geisha Girl (with its original music) and the original Chicago video (! yay! this got taken off of youtube for using copyrighted material) to other sites like live video, myspace and google video.

At the moment it's only those two, because it is taking forever to upload them!

enjoy, if you care!

Paperlilies GOLD! 1: Geisha Girl

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Paperlilies GOLD 2:Chicago

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JJC1138 said...

Have you seen It's not particularly great at the moment (or popular) but it has the allure that it's made by some TV company in New York who are making a show out of user-generated content so if you put your stuff there then you might be on TV and stuff.

NusaCat said...

Cool! I thought you'd lost the black and white version of Chicago.

Anonymous said...

i would love to see u upload to Stage6divx. But be careful..its super high def. we will be able to see into the depths of your pores.

BadAlbert said...

I did the whole 'spreading myself around the internet' thing too a while back. I soon lost interest though. Live video was ok, but I didn't really like the interface much. I dunno, there wasn't much point to me in the end so I just stick to youtube.

~Nayan~ said...

great video !!