Thursday, November 08, 2007

Old school seems to be popular

So you may or may not have seen the whole thing about Oprah being on youtube and all the people going apeshit about it- I made my video not so much as a response to THAT, but more as a response to what Kim had been saying, and as this being another sign (in a long line) of how youtube seems to be headed to hell.

It wasn't so much about Oprah, more the entire situation, and what that represented to youtube as far as I saw it. I think Oprah has just as much of a right to being on youtube as anyone, but it's not HER, it's her production people who are just seeing youtube as another marketing tool....

Anyway it was received well so I'm not complaining!

Some youtube people actually contacted me after to say that I made a lot of good points!

This was kim's video:

And this was mine:

Totally unrelated side note, I am going mad from listening to skiffle jazz or whatever it is. skibbidywibbitydootdootdoop! It's so fast!! I feel like I am going mental and this is what my last few functioning synapses are doing in my last spasms before my entire brain shorts out.


CatchFlipsidE said...

When I click on the play button on both videos, it tells me that neither of them are available anymore. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...


You really should be proud that you are as high on the subscribed list as you are. What you are talking about, and complaining about, is something that you, and those like you, will never be able to do anything about. The reason is because you are not "the people", as you say. Regretably, most of your videos are too cerebral and/or otherwise artsy for "the people".

More generally, whether its TV, radio, magazines, or Youtube/Google, low culture will always persist. It will always dominate high culture. By way of obvious example, a young woman who is a go-go dancer/stripper, or who decides to expose her cleavage, is always going to get more views than you. Yes, you are pretty, university educated, intelligent, creative, witty etc., but your appeal is largely going to be limited to your male and female counterparts. Those people are far outnumbered by the salt of the earth who watch Oprah or find Paris Hilton entertaining.

Most importantly, you shouldn't be surprised, at all, that you can compete with the likes of Oprah or Paris from your bedroom. They don't have anywhere near the educational or artistic background that you do. Oprah appeals to the masses and became rich by doing so--period. Paris has a rich dad and rolls around like a stripper--period. It's just the way it is and always has been. No need to ever get down about it. On the contrary, embrace it. Once you make your first few million or so (paid in Pounds or Euros of course), you won't fret anymore.


bigheadandtinyeyes said...
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bigheadandtinyeyes said...
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bigheadandtinyeyes said...

Well, most of the videos made by corporations are not genuine.. maybe informative, but not fresh...
That's the reason I don't watch Oprah... No, I don't hate Oprah.
She's just just... :( boring.


bigheadandtinyeyes said...

Oh, by the way, those two 'comments deleted' parts are my fault. :(
I messed it up twice.

Sorry Bryony.

tejayce said...

so youtube folks contacted you?
who knows .. maybe they really listen to you .. and make those changes we´ve been waiting for (and you talking about)

way to go! .. thanks for speaking up for us all!! theres not many who will.

shadx said...

Yeah, YouTube needs to separate the corporate shit from the original shit, along with all of it's ratings (views, subscriptions etc) so the originals can still have it the way it was without the corporates contaminating those things. (I'm hungover so the vocab's a little limited right now:p)
Oprah's been martyr-crazy for awhile now and there are plenty of people in America who know that and roll their eyes and sigh.
Bill Maher plugs interesting books on his show but at least he doesn't have a fucking book club.