Thursday, November 01, 2007

no bins today

Ugh, my journey home today took about 6 lightyears.

On the way, I was reading some free newspaper or other (why are there soooo many??) and it had a thing about how you should recycle the paper once you've read it. That's all very well, but there aren't any recycling bins!! Obviously because the IRA and jihadis and what not might bomb the stations if we had bins (sounds reactionary but that is the reason there's no bins on london transport platforms) but they ought to have more than just the standard rubbish bins once you get on the street outside the stations.

Actually, they should have recycling bins everywhere! They did in Munich when I was there- they have these cool little modular bins that have separate glass, plastic, paper and food waste modules. WHY DON'T YOU DO THIS KEN LIVINGSTONE, MAYOR OF LONDON?!

yeah anyway, that was what I was thinking today.

Don't you hate it when you try to do a sudoku, and you go into it all smug like its going to be so easy and you are awesome at sudokus so you know its a piece of piss, but then it foils you and you realise you just put two eights in the same row! and then you realise you just spent like 40 minutes trying to do this sudoku for nothing whatsoever.

I do!!


Paul said...

If I was a giant nerd, I might point out that a lightyear is a unit of distance, not of time. But I'm not. So I'll just say: YEA, FUCK YOU KEN LIVINGSTONE! OI!

Justin R. said...

I love sudoku! And I know what you mean about thinking you'll whip right through it and then come to find out something slipped up, and there goes half an hour!

As for the recycling thing my little town has them here and there in downtown, but we are certainly no London! It is easy for a little town like Brighton MI to handle it. We even have guys that go around and water the flowers hanging from the light poles here.

Anonymous said...

you have some very serious and deep troubles to deal with they are dragging you down

NusaCat said...

Free newspapers exist because people will read them.

As for Sudoku, it's not wasted time. It's time spent exercising the analytical part of your brain. Gotta use it now and then, after all.

Yvonne said...

I am so with you on the recycle bin thing. In America you spend half the time finding a stupid garbage can, never mind a recycle can.... then they wonder why people litter?!

I was in Germany some years ago visiting a friend,and I found there recycle system, etc. amazing. I cannot speak for now, but when I was there it was quite clean and beautiful. I think America could use a few tips on that.

punto said...

lightyears are for measuring distances, not time

Doug said...

In Melbourne (Australia) they introduced big clear rubbish bins in the main train stations. I hadn't really thought about it, but I guess it's so you can see all the bombs people put in them.

butterfly2729 said...

Your use of the word 'jihadis' is completely wrong, nevermind the fact that it isn't even a word. Yet another media imaginative piece of propaganda!

I am Muslim and I know what Jihad is and like you are being spoon fed it is not 'Holy war' and other such rubbish. :)


Anonymous said...

I don't think that girl who claims to be muslim really knows what jihad is because if she did she would know that sometimes jihad IS holy war.. war to establish islam as the supreme religion of the world. And according to the Qur'an, yes it is totally ok to kill someone if they are not a muslim... Or maybe like so many other teachings of religion it shouldn't be taken literally... only the nice things should D: Whatever

butterfl2729 said...

ok whoever it is who replied about my comment. I do understand it as it is actually my religion - well what do you know! You may as well go ahead and tell Tom Hanks he doesn't know what acting is... WTH???

Also in The Quran it does not say this nonsense.

Funny how people can take things out of context to suit their needs/requiements.....

If people actually looked into the REAL islam and not this media rubbish you would be able to see what over 1/5 of the world sees!