Monday, November 26, 2007

My tooth (UPDATE)

I actually cried about how much my tooth hurts earlier.

I have been given some antibiotics which I have to take 3 times a day and I have been taking co-codamol (it says it's addictive on the packet. So you know that's good stuff).

But I hate taking pills. I really hate it. I only like to take pills if I have a headache (which I guess I technically do) but even then I would rather not, so taking around about 11 or 12 pills a day so I am not in pain isn't really my cup of tea.

Also I enjoy eating, which is somewhat hampered by being unable to open my mouth very wide, and by the searing pain from when I swallow.

Ugh, I know this post is so wallowy, but it hurts soooo much :( And the dentist just ignored it practically. I am going to call tomorrow and ask them to atleast do xrays. I don't want to just wait around for ages (years) on the off chance that it will stop and they'll just pop out nicely. I want something done about them. I need either them taking out or some proper pain medication because I can't do anything right now without overdosing on chalky tablets.


christopher said...

i had my wisdom teeth taken out before i turned 18. it hurts like hell after they do it, but then you're set.
i think one of the most annoying and crippling kinds of pain is toothache, because it's right there inside your head and so persistent and...ugh. *shudder*
much sympathy.

Anonymous said...

you could make a xPLx video. or not.

H.I.C.T. said...


Wisdom teeth? Jajaja So funny, we call it "La muela del juicio".

And yes, when it was taken out it hurts like hell too.


littlemisstba said...

oh my that sucks! haha you should go back to that clinic and demand your money back.

hope the pain goes away soon :)

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you. I felt a possible toothache coming on this afternoon and it's now gone. The hydrogen peroxide knocked out the wannabe bacteria. No pain after holding it in my mouth twice, for a mere ten minutes total, at most, today. It's like the toothache was never there. The hydrogen peroxide relentlessly kills all of the germs in your mouth. It's just the basic, 3.5% concentration that you can get at any corner drug store (pharmacy). No antibiotics required.


JJC1138 said...

I had some killer toothache a while ago and it sounds like it was similar. That paracetamol and codeine stuff worked pretty well for me. As I understand it, when the antibiotics kill the infection the pressure and hence pain will disappear. Did the dentist not say that? I fucking hate when doctors don't explain what's going on; I'm one of those people with approximately zero respect for authority so I won't do anything unless I know why I'm doing it.

CatchFlipsidE said...

I'm sorry... I hate to know you're hurting :(

streakfreak said...

Bryony: The next time you go to your dentist's office or talk to them on the phone, tell them you want the fucking tooth out, and if he won't do it, you'll find someone who will! Then do it! Your request isn't unreasonable. I'm sure you'll find a dentist who'll do it.

My wisdom teeth started bothering me, and my dentist arranged a proper surgical procedure at the hospital. They put me under and took them all out at once.

It's your life. It's your mouth. You have options: Use them!

kerri said...

Can't they just take them out?

Zack said...

:-( I hope you feel better. I had all my wisdom teeth taken out at once when I was in the Navy. It never hurt, during or after. I could even feel my teeth being all crunched up as the dentist gripped into them to yank um out. It was kinda cool.

If you're taking antibiotics, then it must be infected? If it's infected and also a wisdom tooth, why not take it out? Maybe I'm missing something.

Anonymous said...

Your wisdom tooth on the top or bottom? Maybe your dentist isn't qualified to take them out. If they have not completely erupted they need to be surgically removed. The top wisdom teeth, if erupted, can be removed by a regular dentist relatively easy under local anesthesia. For the bottom wisdom teeth, probably should be taken care of by an oral surgeon.

My top ones were taken out by a regular dentist after they erupted and were growing down at a 45 degree angle into my cheek. The bottom ones are growing in side ways, but haven't erupted yet. I'm reluctant to get those taken out because they gotta put you under and cut the gums open.

Hope you feel better.

tejayce said...

i wish i could help you :'(

Dr.Tooth said...

Hey, As a newly graduated dentist and completion of residency here in the US...i would think that your dentist would have at least referred you to an oral surgeon. I know thats what I would have done.

First, if you're going in for an emergency visit, why are they telling you that you have X amount of cavities and in addition need to see the hygienist.

When a patient comes into our clinic we get a complete med history, ask what the main issue is, get an xray of that area, and take care of the emergency. If like in your case its an impacted wisdom tooth, depending on how bad it is, we do give antibio and pain meds, but insist that they follow up w/a oral surgeron (which we have several on referral for them to chose from based on insurance or fee for service)to have that tooth extracted. Leaving the tooth in too long can cause an abscess and facial swelling which is no joke, and if really bad requires incision and drainage of the area (ie cutting ur guys and placing a drain inside ur "cheek" to get the pus out). Your dentist should have referred you to a OS. But i didn't see the xray so i don't know what his treatment plan for you is.

PS Peroxide rinse is not a solution that pple have been telling you. May relieve it temporarily, but trust me it will come back. And come back with a vengence.

PPS Not all dentist are unethical and do BS!

PPPS Feel better :)