Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jenkees: An (extremely talented) Renetto?

Do any of you watch this guy?? I saw a thing about him on BoingBoing ages ago, and his beats are awesome! I loveeeee this video! I kind of wish he wasn't in the videos so much- I can't work out what this persona is supposed to be, maybe he will turn out to be like Renetto and it will all be a sham or whatever... Not that Renetto is neccessarily a sham, I just mean the persona he started on youtube with was not actually him, it was a character... anyway, bla blah. Keep watching for a little bit and you'll see this coolio rap/beat thing. He made up the beats and the rap was independent of it, and he put the two together. Anwyay I love it!


Anonymous said...


Yes, he's talented, but rest assured that it's a persona (character). He's over the top, Geek, and no one is like that in real life--at least not people with his particular talent. He's sorta acting similar to how Ad Rock was in the Beastie Boys back in the day (just not as cool). It's part of an act to attract more attention than he may otherwise get. His get-up is the antithesis of what you would expect from someone with his skills--the objective being to intrigue. Guaranteed.


Jason W said...

His work his great. So much so, I bought his album after watching 2 of his YouTube videos.

I do wonder if he'd do better if he recorded his videos with a better audio setup (Hello, line out? Are you there?) and focused on the tunes a bit more.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not a persona, the guy is just who he is.

shadx said...

You know that for a fact Dave? Are you him? Do you know the real RJ? I know for a fact that there are people like that out in the world but it's usually like some form of mild autism or something. I was thinking the same thing especially after watching the Balderdash video. He says nothing is wrong with him; personally I agree (but the doctor in me slightly goes the other way!), and I think since he addresses the way he is dispels it so it kind of negates the issue. I think if his sole purpose was to be a celebrity and make money off his music he would leave it as an enigma.

Anyway, thanks for introducing the video, I had to watch nearly all of his stuff and regardless of the way he is at least he's not a prick. And the dude can JAM.
My favorite's the Super Fun Jam x2 and I don't think that beat is on his cd but izz lyke supa dope-yo.

shadx said...

(not to sound gullible just cuz he said nothing's wrong him, I'm just sayin')

Chris Eff said...

Ahh! This was awesome :)