Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Internet Proposal

ok seriously, this is so pukesome.
"Hey honey, let me film this special moment of our love, the love shared by only you and I, with the WHOLE OF THE FUCKING INTERNET, so I can get more subscribers and generally whore my entire existence out juuust a little more. For views and subscribers. And because I love you."

"I'll have one of my friends film it and another one edit it, and them I will put it on the internet. But remember babe, its all about you n' me."

Also see: Mr Safety's version.

I would love so SO much for them to both have said 'actually.... I'm a man. And I am in love with.... your mom!'

Sorry to rant on, but also, wtf is the deal with boring ass girlfriends for moderately interesting seeming guys? There was this guy at uni I knew, who was all 'scene' and his girlfriend was like little miss non-descript. This seems to be a theme. I dunno, maybe I am just bitter (I am just bitter).

Charlestrippy and MrSafety are actually ok guys in person, but these videos just make me cringe and die a little inside. If this is supposed to be romantic.... I bet they'll film their babies popping out of their girlfriends vaginas if they ever have kids. And then post it on the internet.

If someone proposed to me on camera, well I really doubt I would say anything other than 'get the fuck away from me you creep'.

This post sponsored by the raging pain in my head.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying out loud what I have always thought of Mr Safety - a nice guy whose life is a business plan. Opportunistic to a fault.

I don't know Mr Strippy but he appears to be on a reality show - the ultimate in opportunistic.

It's a shame that the internet is being used to create famous people who are famous for being famous on the internet. Not much different than TV anymore I suppose.

shadx said...
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Anonymous said...

P Lil,

You like those characters in "Chicago" a little too much to get a proposal of any sort.


streakfreak said...

You? Bitter? Nahhhhh! :^)

I also tend to find public marriage proposals off-putting. I think it should be a very private moment between two people, or at the very least, just shared with a very few close friends and/or family. I'm not saying that's the way everybody should see it, but that's the way I feel about it.

I didn't like Trippy's video either. I thought the video (and proposal) were cliched. (He's also a spammer, so I find him annoying anyway.)

But I have to say that I thought Cory's video/proposal was good. He had his girlfriend thinking he was gonna zig, he totally zagged, and she was really shocked and pleased. I felt pleased for them both. Unlike Trippy's video, which made me want to whack him on the head with a plank, and ask her how she *didn't* see that proposal coming.

One more thing Bryony... you left out the best proposal video on YouTube... the one where the dude proposes on stage and the girl turns him down and walks away. Now THAT'S entertainment!

Anonymous said...

i haven't watched the entire vid yet.but the blonde chick in the ballooon...OH my..i want to mate with her.

Bach said...

Man, I feel like such a loser....

But Charles Trippy is straight? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your wishlist is back up. And this time in American Dollars! yay!

Anonymous said...

ah, mr safety.. the j-lo of youtube. attractive, but not very talented/interesting in any way, and still very famous, very ambitious and extremely pretentious. but surely a nice guy! ;)

NusaCat said...

Look out the next time you go to a gathering. There's lots of people out there that would do that just to get your stated reaction on camera.

But if its someone you know who is at least sincere and well-meaning, don't rip their heart out too badly. But I also realize that pain makes people meaner than usual.

WildbillthePirate said...

I feel your pain. Truely. I have spent much time and money in the dentists' chair, trying to keep a mouthful of my own teeth and there is nothing like having the pain meds wear off only to have either a screaming sharp pain , or even worse, a dull throbbing that won't let you get some sleep. Isn't there Dental Insurance in the U.K.? I have mine through my Union but there is also private coverage as well.

As for these idiots-'nuff said

SimUK said...

I don't want you to call me a creep and don't want you to say get the fuck away from me; so... I guess I'll not try that one ;-)

tejayce said...

why did you do this to me .. this was emetic!

but a great blog, i agree with you completly.

Paul said...

NOW you tell me. Do you have any idea how much transatlantic balloon rides cost??

I guess I'll just have to ask for my money ba-OH THAT'S RIGHT, IT'S NON-FUCKING-REFUNDABLE!!

You bitch.

I hope you die. Or at the very least suffer from severe tooth pain of some kind.

zombiejesus said...

I wasn't bitter untill I saw this.
I say she dumps ballon boy and runs off with the first truck driver she can find before the wedding. yuk

revilomat said...

Well, and all the great girls end up with total idiots. So, that is what is awaiting you, too, I guess ;-P

Ok that was not very helpful.

You could watch the Daxflame dentist video. It may please you, to imagine kids like him terrorizung your dentist. Maybe he will visit your dentist too if you ask him nicely ;-)

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Anonymous said...

It would be different if they were actual bloggers that posted bits of their life often, but neither of them are. So it's strange. It's obviously for views, which is shady for those girls. Poor ladies.

Charles Trippy said...
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Charles Trippy said...

lol, this was hardly for the views. i could give a shit. i knew posting would received criticism and "critique" but fuck off. i love ally, wanted to share it with the world. does everything have to have an "ulterior motive"? looks like it. the video was done so we could let our families all know at once, if you knew the backstory you'd know this was on a reality show where i was a finalist. so we have all our families, all over the world, watching - and they get to share it with us. really? if someone you loved thought it would be special to share record the moment where you made the biggest decision of your life - so you could have it for your family to witness it and so you can look back on it when memories fade? really? what's sad is people analyzing things like this.

roygbiv said...
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