Saturday, November 03, 2007

How far is too far (on halloween?)

Me and CaptainPeppito came up with this huge scheme for a Game Show Host Jesus costume COMPLETE WITH WINE STIGMATA!! (we were going to rig up a pump with a box of wine in it and tubes up his sleeves and things. Man, that would have been so freaking awesome.

Maybe my moral compass is just aligned elsewhere. One time I went to a party dressed as an ovary (complete with fallopian tube) and that was hella fun. Some guys were grossed out by it but whatever.

But yeah, where is the line?


X said...


It's just one man's view, but I'm with you, I don't think it's ever "too far"--the only caveat is when someone's intent is plainly evil, in which case, it's just not cool. From my experience, however, the vast majority of people are far more fragile than either you or I. They usually confuse the art of polemics with evil and consider any distinction to be without difference.

You've kept me entertained during some intense times in my life. Thanks, Paperlilies.


NusaCat said...

The "line" is when your costume gets you arrested (make sure that gun doesn't look TOO real), assulted/killed (judgement call based on who you hang out with), or otherwise cause a real-life crisis for someone. Merely offending a few people just means some people like being offended.

Brian said...

How can you find those ideas/costumes funny?

Joking about death is never funny. How would you feel if someone dressed up as a deceased family member of yours for halloween? Would you find that funny? OH BUT ITS JUST FOR HALLOWEEN. Give me a break.

How would you feel if you were related to Steve Irwin? What if you were his daughter? Think about it.

Please respond to this.

Paul said...

You have just been awarded 50 cool points for using the word "hella". Spend them wisely.

NusaCat said...

And her point is made in todays news:

thekingpin68 said...

Happy soon to be New Year, Bryony.

I like your collections vids. It would be nice to see more in regard to your board games. I have a friend in the business and it seems to be gaining some popularity.

Cheers and all the best in 2009.