Sunday, November 04, 2007


So, I guess the death of Ask The English Girl has occurred!! To be honest, i didn't really like making those videos anyway. I like the idea of it, but I guess I am sorta too lazy to properly research it and all. And then people get all uppity about me being offensive (in some way) and having some facts slightly (or wildly) wrong. I am not infallible. I admit that. I can't apologise for that as unfortunately, I am but a human!

What always sticks in my craw is the people who get all 'YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER!!!!' are the ones with no videos. Honestly, when someone has no videos and they try to give me advice about youtube, well it's kind of redundant.

Ugh, I don't know. Stupid youtube.


Mike R said...

um... like, i like you and usually enjoy watching your vids, but that one contained a crapload of inaccuracies and big mistakes. in fact, i'm disappointed... thought you were smarter. oh well.

Malik said...

I made a comment about an inaccuracy about the first answer. I wasn't critical or anything, and I hope I didn't come off like a dick. (What's funny is that I made a mistake myself trying to explain it. I left out Ireland!) And like I said in my comment, I do get a lot out of your ATEG videos. I get your POV on some things, and the videos are always entertaining.

Brandon said...

While you are not making any more "Ask The English Girl" vids, spend some time finding some new inspiration here:

2 hour mixes of dug up obscure afican records. My friend showed me this site a few weeks ago and it has certainly resulted in some sort of rebirth.

Anonymous said...

Mike: I have been thinking about this recently. Because I'm anonymous now I can say that I consider myself "smart". BUT, i'm extremely ignorant. My opinion: Not knowing facts about your country does not equal your being less smart. Still, I am trying to watch more news and stuff to become more educated. I am a bit confused, actually. Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. This probably is the same thing.

In regards to Paperlilies, I think she almost always comes off as really intelligent. So I mean, one video out of 100s, is not suprising. She also seemed to realize she was a bit out there when she did the video so...

Silly me, always wanting to defend my favorite youtuber :)

ana luisa said...

I'm sorry Ask the English Girl is going to end, because i really enjoyed it :) Also, i totally agree with what the person above me said. It's not a big deal not getting the facts 100 percent correct. You are not by any means stupid. Just keep making your videos, because i love watching them and they usually make my day!
You're awesome.

Mike said...

With discussion, obviously everyone can make factual errors. That's fine--I think it can actually be good to feel comfortable making mistakes, because someone will come along and correct you. I like to speak in a way that makes people feel comfortable disagreeing with me, so they don't feel I'm going to bite their heads off.

What I find somewhat objectionable is when people are caustic in their manner when correcting me, because, well, there are plenty of people out there who will point out my factual mistake in an easygoing, even pleasant, way, so why deal with the caustic types?

The caustic types I think tend to create an inhibited environment to easygoing expression of thoughts, and I suspect this has a bad effect.

If I have an incorrect perception but I'm not willing to express it because I want to avoid caustic people's reactions, I still have the mistaken perception. If I felt I wasn't going to get my head bitten off by anybody, I'd be more inclined to share my opinion on something, or feel more comfortable making a mistake on facts. And then the pleasant types could correct me in their easygoing way.

Being more socially connected is good for people, psychologically, and there's a good case to be made that talking with others helps you break out of your particular cognitive frame and see new possibilities. I think caustic types probably hurt the ability for people to connect by making it more risky to speak.

So as a rule of thumb, I'm inclined to ignore people who are caustic unless I can't afford not to ignore them, and on youtube, I almost always can afford to ignore caustic people, since there are plenty of people who are pleasant about disagreeing in the world, and who have access to youtube.

From a pragmatic perspective, I'd ask the caustic types--what do they hope to achieve? Are they more likely to change someone's opinion by yelling at him or her, or through friendly discussion?

My impression is that when someone is criticized, even lightly, he or she can get defensive, and more stubborn in holding on to his or her criticized perception. So avoiding a critical tone I think is very useful, if your object is to persuade.

I guess I might be coming off as somewhat critical towards critical people, but I guess I don't think I'm trying to pursuade them of anything at the moment. I'd change my rhetoric if I were addressing a caustic person, not directly assaulting their overtly critical style.

Alexandrou said...


I had no idea that you actually researched all of these topics, I thought you just somehow knew all the answers. GAH! That changes everything, why should you have to put in all this work to answer questions to people who could easily find the answers to their OWN questions using the all powerful google? Yeah, those videos are interesting but you shouldnt have to do all this research nonsence to make them. GAH! YouTube videos should not require one to input all of this effort when most of the time all your going to get is 'haters' pointing out everything that is wrong with everything you've said XD

I'm glad you did what you wanted though, hopefully you'll now be able to go back to making videos that you find slightly amusing. Also I loved your recent video in the whole silver screen silent movie style. Your hair was awesome et tres beau...actually I should probably be posting that little comment on that actual video...GAH! One is terminally lazy, one has found.

Keep up the good work PL! You make me go ha ha and then some. :)

DutchGirl107 said...


I always like your Ask the English Girl videos, but you shouldn't make them because other people want you to!

If people are really desperate to know something, they can easily google it, or use wikipedia, isn't it?

Anyway, this is my first time reading your blog and I wanted to say I like it and I saved it to my favourites.

I love your vlogs too haha! I might start making videos myself soon... Just a little bit insecure about it.

Rock on ;) haha!

Eline, from Holland.

lexie said...

Hi Paperlilies.

Well I think it's stupid to even think that stuff we put on youtube or anywhere in the internet is 100 % true or reliable fact. Infact, it's more entertaining like you made it, personally I don't care about those 100 % facts at all, I am watching your videos beacause a) I like your accent b) I like your sense of humour and c) I find it enjoyable to spend some time watching your videos.

What I don't understand is some people, who are so bothered about stuff that that they have to make up some shit about you and your videos. But I think you don't give a shit (It was hilarious when u said: who gives a shit about fucking queen LOL) about those wankers, because u r still making those videos. Cheers for that.

And by the way, I don't know things about my country (Finland)! Here, I said it! When I was traveling in Europe one guy asked me what is population in Finland. I told him, 500 000. Poor me.

Paperlilies, you are brilliant!

Yvonne said...

Hey There!

Don't let it get to you. As they say "Everyone is a critic." Better yet a "Back seat driver!"

Most people are clueless when it comes to geography....and who cares.

I liked your vlog, "Ask the English Girl", but it is not worth the hassle.

HA! you should disable the comments one time,maybe that would put a cork in it...:D

bigheadandtinyeyes said...

The most important thing is, if you don't like it, don't do it. I think "Ask English Girl" is awesome video for people who have no idea what England is. Anyway, if you feel burden or obligated making this video, quit it, but don't ever quit something just because of things people hate about it.

Linear Zap said...

I've thought of something - doing ATEG videos on questions such as "what is the UK?" is kind of useless. People could look it up themselves on wikipedia or whatever.

*But* you could do ATEG videos in which you would give your own point of view on a "subjective" question (like "why northerners don't like Londoners", etc) to which there's no "objective answer". Hearing your take (as an English girl) on these subjects might actually be more interesting! To me, at least.

Just my $0.02.

...but, as somebody else already said, you shouldn't do it if you don't feel like doing it.

Anonymous said...

"I am but human" you finally figured this out!

CatchFlipsidE said...

I know this is easier said than done, but just try to relax some. Don't feel pressured to make videos. Just enjoy what you are doing.

Maybe do what Caitlin did and leave the partner program by choice. It may take some pressure off.

Anthony said...

God Bless you Bryony!

Despite that we are only acquainted this is one time I'm saying lots of love!

Duke of Haruson

Neogeta said...

I'm sorry that you have had a lot of stick over the ATEG vids, I'm English and I enjoyed watching them, seeing a fellow country person sees our country. I'm about to order myself a webcam so I can get in on this gig!

Chris said...

If anyone cares to know, I'm doing an Ask an American (Soldier) video if anyone has a question. Sorry to spam like this, but I thought some might be interested seeing that it relates to the topic. Look me up on YT, crick14

CrotchSalad said...

After watching the last video, I almost messaged you with the suggestion to make one of those videos and go off the deep end with completely false weird information about your country, but then I realized there would probably be too many people who can't figure out you're joking...