Monday, November 05, 2007


So my latest video is attracting loads of controversy. I have stopped looking at the comments and since I have started getting loads of 'hater' messages, I have stopped reading my youtube messages too (not that I ever reply to them but hey ho).

To be honest, even though I was aware while I was making the video, that it was probably not wholly accurate and fairly gaffe-filled, I didn't think it would cause this much of a furore! Like I said, I stopped reading the messages so I don't know what the big whup is. I guess usually as I answer 2 or 3 questions a time it doesn't generate so many people sticking their oar in and telling me I am wrong on something or other. Which happens anyway with all those Ask The English Girl videos, but obviously to a lesser extent.

When things like this happen, I go through several stages. First, confusion, then hurt, then anger, then generally I see the funny side of it in some way or another, and make a video reflecting that (or I try to at the very least).

So yeah that's where the idea came from for my latest video. It's no great masterpiece to be sure, but whatEVER! Ha, this is my way of coping bicches <3

Ugh, I was going to post the video in here, but I guess I will have to do it tomorrow as it's taking forever to upload. YOUUUUTUUUUBEEEE!


Justin R. said...

I totally LOVE the new video! Sarcasm is great, and I can't believe you kept a straight face through all that! Good stuff. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

That was honestly one of the best videos I have ever seen.
I think this is the best possible conclusion for the "Ask the English Girl" vids.
Go out with a bang!
Incidentally, I always love your "making haters feel stupid" videos.

Anonymous said...

Aw, don't worry Bryony. Haters are just a bunch of cowards hiding behind their screens.
I dunno if you're talking about the Ask the English Girl or the Facts about England video, but they're both awesome anyway. (The Facts one is freakin' hilarious)

kerri said...

I am still stunned at the people who are thinking that the new video is legitimate. (teh stupid... it burns)

I think you took a lot upon yourself with the "Ask the English Girl" videos. You were making yourself a representative for the whole country! That's such a huge burden. I'm surprised you kept doing the videos as long as you did. And it's not like people couldn't just Google most of the questions they sent to you.

bigheadandtinyeyes said...

Don't feel hurt or stupid by the hater's comment. We are all here to support you. like I said in previous comment board, DON'T QUIT something just because there are losers out there who hate you...:P

Staticharge said...

A lot of people just intentionally try to troll places because they think it makes them cool. I wouldn't worry about it. Most of the people making remarks likely don't know many facts about their own countries. I certainly know that there are plenty of ignorant fellow Americans out there. Hell, look who the majority of them wanted in office here two times in a row, after all.

As for the videos, I actually enjoy hearing about differences between the countries and little factoids like that. There's really just not many other sources for such things.

H.I.C.T. said...


Go ahead and leave a comment- go on! It might be fun!! <- your words

So... it seems that leaving a comment stops of being fun or only in youtube?


NusaCat said...

You should have worn your blonde wig while doing it. Then people wouldn't have believed you.

GrimBrin said...
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GrimBrin said...

You should ignore the dropkicks who feel obliged to point out any inaccuracies whenever you post "Ask the English Girl". I watch them because they are entertaining if I wanted just the pure facts I would watch some sad'o reading from an Encyclopedia.

Linear Zap said...

Priceless! I laughed my a*s off at this one!

"Midlandshire... And then Leedsshire..."

Another great "screw the haters" video!

pantouffle said...

HA! I Knew It! Elizabeth Bryony!

Wait, that means your brother his actual name is Charles Alan? Has a nice ring to it.

ps. screw them haters.

angel said...

i've got a crush on you, i think. and its not funny ): you make such great videos and i can't help myself. i love the way you think and the way that you have your own opinion on everything. and most of all, your freakinghot accent. and i don't mean the english accent, i mean the way you talk.

and i'm a girl, myohmy!

Nathaniel said...

FUCK CONTROVERSY! keep doing what you're doing...and YES! Zombie Jesus IS pretty fuckin funny along with the Hitler jokes.

Don't change your sense of humour for ANYONE, keep being you and keep posting! :)

Alexandrou said...


I must say that is one good defence mechanism.

Yvonne said...

Okay, the only problem I am having here is that the umbrella tax, and the free umbrella for tourists is not true.

I was so looking forward to going to England and getting my free umbrella.

I am canceling my airline ticket today, Missy!..;-)

Neogeta said...

Stick it to em Bryony.

It was a little creepy as my middle name is actually Charles.
I cant believe that you kept a straight face.

You Go Girl!

Anonymous said...

That last video was the best response I have ever seen to a controversy! HILARIOUS!

And beside, the people who matter still think you are great. I can't wait to get my free umbrella when I visit England!

Malik said...

You've got some nerve claiming that your latest video is no masterpiece! IMNSHO, that is exactly what it is. This reminds me of your Sarcasm video, which I think is absolutely the best video on YouTube.

[Warning: Here comes the gay bit.]

Videos like this are why I adore you and your channel. This is why you are the Queen of YouTube.
You don't clown around, you don't dance around in skimpy gear, you don't compromise yourself doing any stupid, lame crap because you imagine it'll get you more views or subscribers or anything. That is so obvious to anyone with a brain who watches your channels. You do whatever the hell you want to do, pouring your effort and creativity into it, which results in some pretty amazing videos.

You have strong opinions, and you're not shy about sharing them. You say what you think, opinions be damned, and I so respect you for that.

You put yourself out there all the time with your vlogging, telling us what's really going on with you, and that takes guts. You think these pathetic anonymous hater-troll assholes have the balls to do that? Or that any of them have a fraction of your talent? Do they ever make videos of any kind anyway?

You are obviously intelligent. You're just not very linear. :^) You're artistic. I imagine lots of artsy types aren't very linear. You bounce from one thing to another, which is great fun to watch.

The point I'm plodding towards here is that you are super amazing and awesome, and that anyone who doesn't think so is a fucking retard, and not worthy of your concern.

Please keep making amazing videos. I promise to keep my stupid comments to the bare minimum. :^)

You're the Queen. Don't forget it. That's it.

Paul said...

After seeing this video I finally understand what you Britishers mean when you say you're "taking the piss" out of someone. Though it's still a disturbing visual.

Davidhok said...

I was takin by your video I really thot that gulliball was a real game..Its just you were so serious I really think you ought to take up acting, lol..Or play poker. Anyway in hindsight I see what a brilliant thing you did so I give you a 100. I dont know what a 100 means but its alot.

kent said...

I LOVE your "Ask the English Girl" videos. I'm new to U-Tube and your videos are my favorite. I'm an American who knows almost nothing about England and I'd much rather get my info from you than google.

kent said...

This last video was my favorite. I'm glad you can "poke fun" at some of England's "oddities". It's hilarious.

Callianne said...

i LOVE your new video. and i LOVE how a lot of dumb shits are posting on it believing what you say, or contesting what you say, as if YOU believed it was true! AHHH! its hilarious! i almost want to make one about canada in response! maybe i will!

Chris said...

You almost had me for the first few minutes, lol! I'm gonna miss the Ask the English Girls... :( That was what got me watching you

Anonymous said...

Hey Bryony! I loved the video. They just didn't get the humour. You have to be clever do get it. (duh lol). Anyway keep up the good work!!

Amy said...

Wow, I'm a little late, but I just wanted to agree with those who said the Facts about England video was brilliant. I sent it to all my British friends and we cracked up. Midlandshire! The free Beach Tram! Too many hilarious things to mention. That sort of video is one of the reasons I subscribed back in the day. (That and your rambling vlogs that I miss. The collection series was so entertaining to me!)

Morton Finch said...

Bryony can I lick your asshole?