Monday, November 19, 2007

also, Thankyou

I also wanted to say thankyou to everyone who commented or emailed me. You guys are amazing to me. I am so unbelievably lucky- to know all these wise people, and I don't know how real or fake this sounds, but yeah, thankyou.

haha, check out this beautiful myspace 'thankyou' I just found

Glitter Graphics & Comments

I like you way more than this graphic would have you believe.


Neogeta said...

Your Welcome! :)

Anonymous said...


megglins said...

I said nice comments in my head...

i guess that doesnt count.

Perhaps I should start posting comments.

BTW, not sure if you still need music for vids, but i posted a song from my band on my website. If you need it, cool if not, that's still cool. (i put the website on my comment name whatever.)

Linear Zap said...

We all like you way more than these comments or emails would have you believe.

We really do! Or at least *I* do. :D

Keep rockin'! And don't forget... "You're awesome!"

Jason W said...

Bryony, I beg to differ. We're the lucky ones :)

Thanks for putting yourself out there. I can't think of one video you've done that I dislike and many of them are my favourites. Paperlilies, xPLx and spricket24 are definitely my top 3 YouTube channels (in no particular order :)).

A big thank you from a fan, Jason.

streakfreak said...

You make us smile all the time. It's only fair that some of us try to do the same for you once in a while!

Martin said...

Yay ty paperlillies, Keep up the Kickass work i luv ur vids!!! they should be viewed more than all teh others!!!

Ps. just watched the pokemon hat vid, Looking cool!!!

H.I.C.T. said...
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H.I.C.T. said...


Again? XD


Anonymous said...

P Lil,

You've entertained me plenty. You're welcome and Thank you.