Thursday, November 29, 2007

Adsense?? more like NONSENSE!

haha, do you like my awesome title?

So the whole youtube partnership thing seems to have changed- noone from youtube ever replies to my messages, I don't know how to set up the adsense thing at ALL, and so I hink from all the views I got in November, I actually made zero dollars. Thats just great.

Fucking A.

I guess now that they are moving to solely adsense view revenue, it means I have to ramp up my video views, so stay tuned to my channel for many many posts about inane celebrity gossip and getting my tits in shot as often as I can.


tejayce said...

hehehehe :)
even better! start a debate if you should get fake boobs or some other surgery .. that will become youtube drama nr1 and double your subs! hahhaha :)

i dont know how much money youtube pays. but if its getting harder to get payed .. we gonna see a lot of people loose their dignity in the future.

they dont reply to you? i think you already said that multiple times. maybe thats not good from a monetary perspective, but it would mean you dont belong to the "in-group" .. and thats a good thing from my point of view. its like not being a cheap ass idiotic hollywood movie.

Charlie said...

It's true.. the partner program sucks so bad at the moment. Have a look at my most recent blog post...

They better sort this out soon or I might pop.

Anonymous said...

I guess I had better get in the habit of checking the channel more often. The anticipation ranks right up there with college football--that's saying something.


Anonymous said...


vanawesome said...

while i'm super ultra bummed for you that youtube jipped you out of cash last month, I am extremely excited about he content of your have promised for your upcoming videos.

Well, maybe not the hollywood gossip part, but.. well... ok i'll stop being a pervy creep now. I'm nice!

Tucker said...

Damn that sucks. I just watched some of your videos to look and none of them had advertisment next to it, so no money.
Sorry B.

BUt at least we get more videos now!

That really sucks you should have make well over a thousand for all of those views.

JJC1138 said...

Re tucker: for what it's worth, I'm seeing ads on Paperlilies videos right now, so it seems to be working again. I think YouTube has just been buggered up in general for the past couple of days (which they sort-of acknowledged a few hours ago via the cute blue "we're broken" banner).

sxephil was complaining about his partnership woes yesterday. I guess that YouTube are changing things to make it more manageable for them when they open up the partnership program more widely, but it would nice if they could do that without shitting all over the existing partners.

NusaCat said...

Well, I've nothing against you getting your tits in the shot, but don't feel obligated. It's easy to find tits...intelligence, charm and creativity are harder to find.

karen said...

yooo... i love your pictures ... they're so old school hollywood glamour!