Sunday, October 28, 2007

*Nervous awkward shuffling*


So yeah, that whol 'I'm tewtelly gonna start writing on here more!' thing was, it seems, liez.

I have been busy reading Jezebel and other such things, and watching videos and making them and blee blah blay. And I had a job and then I quit/got fired so... yeah.

Anyway I do like posting on here, i just forget about it somehow. I suck, I apologise.

I really want to change the layout on here but I can;t find any that I especially like to copy onto here(and make work properly) and I don't know how to make my own. How do people do web design for things like this and myspace? How is it done?! Why don't I know how to do it?!? I literally do not know where or how to begin.

In the mean time- check out the video I made today (after looking for a job all day and finding nought.


Anonymous said...

you "quit/got fired " ? You mean you were asked to choose between resigning or being terminated?

X said...


When you're a star, no job will suffice unless it makes you tons of money based on a unique talent, requires little or no interaction with others, and gives you the liberty and autonomy to spend the majority of your time playing board games, eating candy, and laying on a hot beach somewhere with very blue water. I gave up a comfortable career as a lawyer to pursue that dream. Aim high and don't capitulate. It can be done. The pain is far less than doing the pedestrian thing.