Monday, October 29, 2007

Return of the (cross) mack (ohmahhgahhd)

Yeah, so this painting sold! Yay! I am really pleased with how the painting came out- I want to make a whole series of them, and I also have a few huge canvasses which I don;t know what to do with. I think they might be insanely expensive to send places so i don;t know- I might end up just throwing them out or something.

Anyway, if anyone reads this blog, tell me what to paint! and which youtube 'Special Moments' need to be commmorated by a painting!

And props to anyone who gets my lame 90s song reference in the title of this post.


Jess said...

"Return of the mack" - makes me think of bad computer singing when I think of that song. Like that computer guy in the early 80's Max Headsomething. It's what I imagine him singing.

Personally, I think you should paint a portrait of yourself. The screencap from your "manpurse" response to Chris (yeah I'm a youtube fan). Everything is placed well in that shot and has great colors. Just my little opinion.

BadAlbert said...

Well, I suppose one of me in a monacle and prussian officer's helmet would be out of the question?

Alexandrou said...

I didnt get the reference to the old song, probably because I have an STD or STI or whatever the current inital thingy begining with A thing is nowadays -sighs- Anyway I just thought you might get all red faced if I commemorated your ability to draw/paint and also your photoshoping skills. I do both as well but I admit, rather painfully, that all my paintings are rather...amateurish GAH! Not bad at photoshop though. Anywho, stay creative Paperlillies or you could be the target of an assination plot! :)