Monday, December 04, 2006

The trials of the tube


i need some new leet
sorry, some new 1337


Im waiting for my latest video to export, at which point i will upload.
annoyingly, i can't vlog as i do this. :@

yeah thats right, even though im not on MSN, im using an angry emoticon from MSN. because thats how hard core i am.

ok ok ok
this blog is going to pretty much suck all the time except for on Wednesdays and Thursdays when i write stuff at work. So.... just so you know, you know?

WHY is this taking so damn long?!!!

export!! export!!

thats the most annoying bit, i think, because it does take SO long and it is a let down after all the 'its loading!!!!'

I have been editing this movie since i got up. I feel guilty that i haven't done anything 'useful' today and didnt get up til 12.30 (though i DID only go to bed at 7.30 am. Like i said, hardcore.) I had stuff i wanted to do outside of the house, too. God i suck so much!

I need to do some painting, but as i want to film it, its harder to just DO- i have to organise myself and put my computer so it can film what im doing, and i have to do it all at a weird angle and stuff... im not complaining (ok i kind of am) but its just a bit of a hassle.

I just uploaded, but Youtube being the little bitch that it likes to be, has un-synched the audio from the visual. Asole!

Now i have to esport it differently.


BadAlbert said...

7:30?! What are you, some kind of vampire?! Yeah, yeah, you got up at 12, but you left out the part where you were wearing a light proof suit.. And a big hat..

Paul said...
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