Saturday, December 09, 2006


hey everyone- the tornado only lasted for something like 54 seconds, and was in one road and i was no where near it! Its rather a surprise- we don't have 'extreme weather' here. Though having said that things tend to be becoming more evened out throughout the year with the odd anomalous extreme, El Nino style.

Anyway, im cool, k? :)


DentonUSA said...

I thought of you today when I saw it on the news. The anchorman claimed that tornadoes were fairly common occurrences in the UK, but that didn't sound quite right to me. Anyway, glad you're ok!

And what are you doing up at 3:40 AM???!!!!!

httprover said...

The winter has been unusually mild and dry so far this year here in California. Maybe it is el NiƱo.

The thing about global warming is that warm air holds more moisture. So if it cools down and precipitates there might be more rain. Where it doesn't cool down we might expect more drought. A few degrees of warming doesn't mean much when it gets down to -40 degrees outside in the north. I would expect the borderline area to be affected the most. The snow lines at higher altitudes and higher latitudes for example and more turbulence weather as the jet streams move about.

DrLemur said...

I heard about that here on the news as well but then I saw you were still posting videos so I put two and two together and figured you had survived. :) I didn't think England had tornados. Kinda makes me edgy.

Paul said...
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Insomniac Stacy said...

no no, blizzards in mexico. :P

Glad you're doing well, bryony!