Monday, December 04, 2006

My new video!! Yayz!

Man this was a BEAST. I have two massive files with all the 'characters' singing the whole song all the way through, and then each of those is cut into a million cuts, each one is just a line from the song, so 'he had it coming' as a line from the song, for instance, has about 50 versions or something insane. I actually think i HAVE gone insane from making this, and listening to the song so much.
I hate it because i fluffed up a TON of it but couldn't be bothered to re-film it all.

Phew, i am glad i can free up about 200G of my harddriive now. At last! I was having issues saving things because there was literally NO space left! I have a few more videos i want to post but i will leave this one up for a bit i think. Plus it kind of fits with other events of late...


httprover said...

You really outdid yourself this time. I think you might have just set a new standard for YouTube.

Wiki says that Catherine Zeta-Jones got her start in London's West End.

worldinmyeyes21 said...

Wow!!! So you definitely came back with a bang. You sure can tell how much time and effort went into this. Simply Brilliant : )

DrLemur said...

I felt like I had walked out of a theatre without paying after seeing this. I don't think I want to know how many hours that took to make. Hopefully your hearing how much everyone enjoyed and appreciated it will make it worthwhile.

Jon Wedd said...

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Ok, that's all for now. Keep up the great work!

Paul said...
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