Friday, December 01, 2006

Music mix blah

I am trying as we speak (ok ok, as i TYPE. Obviously) to upload some zipped files of the last two mix tapes i made for my friends. they are varied and wonderful. They aren't actually 'mixed' as in what a dj does (i really have the lingo down as you can see) but they are an assortment of things. Picked out with the only theme being what i happen to love at the time i make it.

But yeah, at the moment its crawling along uploading. So this is pretty much a totally pointless post. Its like a new book though! I love having new stuff! I love you, clean and tidy blog!

Oh, since working in an office which uses Microsoft Outlook (which blows) i never remember to hold down shift to write 'I'. so this whole thing is likely to look like it was written my an annoying 'highschooler'. Apologies.

This thing isn't even half done!! and it's 4.07am!

1 comment:

Zack said...

I'm just adding this comment to help fill up your blog and make it less clean and tidy. Watch, I'll spill W's all over the place!

w W W
take that!